Posted by: YWB | November 23, 2006


Drivewaymy driveway before i started cleaning! driveway-before1.jpg huh took me hour and a half….          nxt-door.jpg         fall11.jpg


all cleanedup 😀



fall.jpg         red-tree.jpg         fall1.jpg



  1. its looking so pretty all the orange shade ITS BEAUTIFUL…..

  2. It looks lovely BEFORE cleansing 😛 aur baris sust ho tum … 1 n a half hr may saaf ki 😛

    NICE pics dear … 🙂

  3. lizz: yeh i loved it too…..

    asma: it took me so long cuz i da driveway was so long n beside cuz of the rain the leaves stick to da ground….

    n when i was cleaning it was kinda windy n all da leaves frm nxt door came to our driveway 😦 i was so mad

  4. You’re just making excuses 😛
    one and a half hour is tooo long. And someone said something about being lazy 😛
    So gee, how are you, where are you ??
    And hwo come the BEFORE pic shows a lot more of the driveway and the AFTER pic shows just a lil of it. Lagta hai thora sa saaf kar k pic lay li aap nay, haina ?? 😛
    take care buddy

  5. mera comment kahan giya 😦

  6. ok ok let me retry :P, so i was saying just by looking at these pics I want to put on a jumper, brrrrrrr 😛

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