Posted by: YWB | December 4, 2006

Confidence, Trust & Hope!

Confidence: Once a group of people decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer all people gathered and only 1 boy came with umbrella, thats CONFIDENCE.

Trust: Trust should be like feeling of a 1 year old boy when you throw him in the air, and he laughs because he knows you will catch him.

Hope: Every night we go to bed, have no assurance to get up alive in the next morning but still we have plans for coming day, thats Hope.



  1. truly beautiful

  2. Hey. I signed up at to see for myself what the problem was – and it turns out that the blogs at don’t have this edit option – you have to purchase an upgrade. Sorry.

    Of course, there’s the option of buying a host (costs like Rs.1500 per year) – like – and using wordpress on it, but I’m guessting you don’t wanna do that 🙂

    You can, however, use WIDGETS – go to Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets.

    Waise I almost feel happy about that stickam thing not being on your blog anymore 😛

  3. thx for visiting my page 🙂 like u said, it was no big deal but the ego of the guy came out big time!! cudnt laugh at his face, no matter wat happened…a teacher is a teacher and i cudnt do that.

  4. now this post of urs is ironic n so true!! n ur khawab adhoorey sahi song is now ringing inside of me 😀 hehe nice neat blog u have here. n a very interesting ‘about me’ section…sab kuch hi lkhdia lols

  5. Well … confidence was more of faith 🙂 and another thing never throw kids in air … and its not trust at age 1 it’s innocence rather bewaqoofi of the kid … and lastly well every night we may be hopeful about not hoping well but it never happens at time … sorry for being a bit bi***y here … !

    Cheers 🙂

  6. thx Lizie

    absar: chal oye… i aint spendin ma ‘mehnat ki kamahi on this stupid blog :@ kamkaah hi wesa thx so much for wastin ur time on it…. aur zeyada kush na ho stickam ke na hone par…..i’ll figure somthin out *evil smile*

    Untamed Desires: thx for coming by….how come this post is ironic???? keep visitin

    Asma: well acordin to some studies kids do develop confidence, fear and other kinda emotions in early ages…..they do have fear of fallin down if u stand ’em in a high place
    n confidence in Allah is faith ma dear n i dont understand ur argument abt da last thing hopeful

  7. chalo chorro maro goli … nice pic … idhar bhi tumhari shayri tapakk hi parri hay aakhirkaar :p

  8. hahahahahaahhaa 😉 han baas dek lo asma

  9. Good post & nice explanation 😀

  10. 🙂 love these lines….
    i recived it as an sms about 4 months back…and have kept it with me since then…read it off n on…

    acha suno… that Shair ” dukh sab k mushtarik hain….magar hoslay juda..
    the second verse is: koi bikhar geya to koi muskuraa dia.”
    have that full poem? o man its awsome!

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