Posted by: YWB | December 16, 2006

It snowed :(

It snowed here and the power was down for whole day….. its so messed up because we never had snow in this time of year. Our Uni was closed for one day and it was so close to the final exams. The next day when our Uni was open it took me 1 and half hour to get to my Uni because the snow wasnt cleared from the roads. I usually take me 20 to 30 minutes max to get to my college. 



[standing @ the bus stop for the damn bus in such a cold weather]


[view of the backside….this is a dangor zone, no body is allowed to go there]


I cleaned the driveway right after it snowed because i didnt wanted to wait long, than its so hard to clean when people start walking on it and it gets so hard :S. But that was the only time i cleaned my drive way after that it snowed so much that i never cleaned it……i went to different stores to find the salt but everybody was out of it….so our driveway was full of snow…..:S

 img_1322.JPG    img_1304.JPG   img_1325.JPG    

It was 1:30 am……i couldnt sleep cuz i love snow at night…..i completly go crazy. Look at the sky can you believe its so early……



  Can you see something in this picture…..while i was taking all this picture from my room window…all of the sudden i saw something in my lawn…..yeh SNAKE 0_O 


  [Yeh another pose of the snake……]

did i scare ya guys…..  lolsss well this isnt snake for you chickens clam down…..its just a water pipe 😛



  1. Enjoy snow 😀

  2. soo why are u crying dont tell me you had to clean that driveway again 😛

    It’s chilly here too :>

    how abt studies and officership going???

  3. If u had not mentioned about water pipe, i was hardly going to believe that snake also likes Snowfall 😀

  4. yar need ur email address…

  5. plz email me

  6. Ah! I have this terrible cough right now, even looking at snow is irritating 😛
    I’ve always been a summer-person! Give me scorching heat! Dehydration – GGOOOOD! Cold and snow – BAAADDD!!


  7. bas bhai bas …. next now … kafi safayi kar li hay aapnay :p

  8. amazing pics and that sky woah, 😦 i want to be there…

  9. I am also a summer lover.

  10. hmmm! iv loved snow always… i can feel the cold inside me abi…..

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