Posted by: YWB | January 8, 2007

Surprize :D !

well i think its about time that i should reveal this news……which most of my bloger friends already know.

I am going to Pakistan in a week 😀 yehhhhhhhh

Well I was planning to stay a week in England and a week in France…..but my mamo, he, is going to Pakistan as well next week so there is no point of going to France. So now we gona stay 2 weeks in England. One of my college friend is also going to England so we are planning to meet up in England 😉 its gona be fun….real fun.

me on eid

          Me On Eid day!





  1. I am sure people would greet you with open arms…we pakistanis are very WELCOMING…it will be HOMEY for sure…enjoy your stay….

  2. Ohhh great … acha tell me are you coming to islamabad … we can met in … ummmmmmm … masjid 😉 Lolz at getting married — haha thats funny … 😛

  3. Wow! Congratulations on going to get married! 😛

    Have fun in Pakistan!

    And that’s not you in the pics, that’s your hand and your arm 😛

  4. good but u didnt mentiond k kitney arse baad u r coming here !

  5. and did I mentioned I loved the bangles 🙂 I forgot to wear mine on namaaz this eid :/

  6. Good to hear that 🙂

  7. ahaaa u r smart one! u’v chosen the best available weather to be here.. sab jagah khoob thand hei n so no icky sticky summer heat to annoy the ‘gori’ 😛 a month and a half seems a long time.. long enough to get married even if not preplanned lolssss u better watch out babes 😀

  8. UTP: yeh n btw i am Pakistani as well *looking around for ma sun glasses* 😛

    Asma: i definitly i am going to islamabad……i’ll try 😀

    Saadat: i am NOT geting married (u r not wearin ur eye glasses) tab hi sahi se read nahi kea eerrr

  9. Ummm…. Wow?
    I mean I’m not really sure that you’ll actually enjoy your stay in Pakistan – sorry if I’m being a mood-spoiler 😛 Yeah, sure I miss all the people I know when I’m not in Pakistan, but every time I go back, it’s just plain scary! ESPECIALLY the traffic – my first day back in Karachi I’m always like “Damn, I can’t drive in THIS traffic!” Plus the weathers gonna be YUCK by the time you get there….

    Enjoy your stay! 😛

    P.S. I feel SO devilish right now! 😀

  10. iss haat say chaanta acha lagey ga

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