Posted by: YWB | January 13, 2007

1 day left!

Only one day left….so thought to update before I go to England;) hey hey…dont cry, dry your eye 😛 i’ll be back in March insallah.I am doing this post so u guys don’t have any complains about me that i dont update very often 😉 (ooyee don’t worry I’ll try to update from Pakistan if I could….but I don’t promise).

Well bad news….yesterday ma hand was caught in the door (yeh ouch!) and the door was locked and no body was around. It took me a while to open the damn door and its kinda heavy so really had to push it. It still hurts badly, I went to see the doctor and now I have to wear the finger splint….its so bad and swollen and cant even touch it.

The other bad thing that happened was mom is kind of sick, she lost her voice and got a cold plus her asthma is acting up too. But alhumdolilah she is feeling much better than she was in the morning.

My brother was planning basketball and he got a sprain, me and dad went to pick him up from the gym and he couldn’t find him in the gym. It took him a while to figure out where he is. He took him straight to emergency and they still didnt come from the hospital (huh I hate the health system in our province…..there is about 5 to 6 hours (sometime more) wait in the emergency.

I don’t know what’s going on in my house (funny in a way…..when I went to pick my brother, we both looked at each other and started laughing hysterically and the guy who was helping him get in the car looked at us like we are crazy).

 PS: its almost 2 in the morning and ma finger hurts so badly….that i wana yell :S i took some pain killers and yeh its really killing me instead of my pain 😦 main pakistan kesa jahon gi ab 😦



  1. ofcourse u can blog-bug us via Pakistan too 😛 and take care of urself and ur family 🙂 get fit and enjoy ur trip! bon voyage to ya!

  2. Yahh blogna zarooor from pakistan … and ouch at so many things in a sudden drive at your home chalo sab theek thaak hojayein gay inshah allah … get well soooooon befor ehitting london 🙂

    Bon Voyage 🙂

  3. aisey bol rahi ho jaise hawai jahaaz tum ko chalana hai.. lolz.. just kiddin.

    Vacations per janey se pehle koi na garbar hoti hai lekin yahan toh puri ki puri family.. get well soon all of you, Allah sab acha karey ga. (Amen)

  4. lolz all this just in a day! well atleast somethin is hapenin:P nahi hope you get fit soon inshAllah and enjoy your vacations! keep safe , Fe Aman Allah..

  5. Situations!

  6. Oh boy…have to appreciate your ability to not get frustrated amongst all that….Get some SADQA out before leaving….

  7. Have a safe journey, and stay away from doors…. 🙂

  8. Get well soon for you, your mother & brother too. Insha Allah sab theek ho jae ga & Pakistan jaa rahi hain app. 😦 i am jealous, hehehe. Keep blogging in Pakistan too. 🙂
    Thanks to let me know that your old record is under my name now. I am really glad & i think records are made for me. 😉 Lolzzzzzz

  9. Do take care of Family. and Have a nice journey.

  10. Oh my GOD! ur actually coming to pkaistan, okay this is wayyyy too much exciting, we need to meet up bhai, when isiting lahore, do lemme know , we’ll plan something, or maybe i’ll show u around or anything han haan haan, damn im so excited hehe 😀 fit fit fit.

  11. Sab k sab Boor ho tum…. bohot bakwas comment de hain sab nay…
    topic acha hona chaheyee…
    hay guyz u send me topic
    0345 4056831 i give u Ans

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