Posted by: YWB | January 22, 2007

from Luton, England!

I am in Luton at my mamo’s house and i am having best time of my life….. 😀 First 3 days i stayed at my elder khala’s house and than from there my other khala took me to her house….we also stayed there for 3 days (mean while other cousins are mad at me cuz i am not with them) than yesterday my mamo came to pick me up cuz he wanted me to stay at his house in Luton for a while…

Its raining since i came to England….it was sunny for just a little while but than again rain….. 😦 and you know how much i hate rain…..oh well…i still enjoying with my little cousins who are so adorable 🙂

Falling Out!

PS: Saturday we are flying to pakistan 😀



  1. great:)
    enjoy loads…and welcome to Pakistan….

  2. Just stay away from doors =p

  3. hafazti tadabeer tayaar rakhein phir saturday tak??

  4. Where in Pakistan?!!!!!!!

  5. Enjoy there & wish you best of luck for your journey to Paksitan

  6. just chill and i wish you will a wonderful time in Pakistan…which city(ies) of Pakistan btw?

  7. hey party!

  8. *aaahemmmmm aheeeem*

    Saamnay yeh kaun aaya……….! 😀



    Your own Gullay….LOL

    yes this time solid entry maari hai … bas ab nahi ignore kar sakti aur apnay baby blog ko :).

    Aur yeh kya aap kahan uri uri phirrahi hai hum say chup kar, and array yeh kya, u cumin Pak? Will cum khi? If not so then m inviting ya :)?!

    And Phuleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez apnay blog ko fix karo mairay sar k aadhay say ziada baal sufaaid ho gaey is k upload honay tak!

    Have Fun

    Now Looking Forward to ya 😛

  9. o heyyy mene tou bari late entry maari hei yahan! u must b in pakiland by now. hope u r enjoying the stay.. come on to khi! the weather these few days has been just amazing 😀 have a onderful trip 😉

  10. luton is a nice town , just visited it for a day once to meet a cousin of mine.
    Adn rain, sorry to know you hate my first love

  11. hi
    i want to link exchange with your cute siite

  12. ajaooo abbb

  13. I am so happy for you.

    Wait a min.. you don’t like rains. Doctor ke paas pohcho jaldi!

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