Posted by: YWB | April 13, 2007

msn sucks

This is wat i mean wen i say msn is being a retard


I’ve click blockd n everthin but wen i rit clic on her name it says Block contact


i dont want 2 send her msgz…..

i dont even wana talk 2 her….

i hav her on ma list for da sole reason dat i may need her in da future

and if dat means i’m using her than so be it…

Stupid MSN



  1. what is this i dun get it, pic he nahi show ho rahi

  2. Shoot – I’m an her and I’m on ur msn 😛

  3. I was thinking the same, Asma… 😀

  4. i hate bill gates

  5. tisk tisk u r using a friend 😛 so sad

  6. That might be a temporary problem in the msn service.

    Life at my end is quite fine. Are you going to be a regular blogger again? tc.

  7. Ab toh blocking bhi safe nahi rahi. They person you block can easily guess it, if you are roz online aaney wala person.

    Chalta hai. Tumhara msn hai. Tumhari friends list. Tumhari block list hai. Jo karna hai karo =p

  8. heheh send her vthe url top ur blog:-D

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