Posted by: YWB | April 17, 2007

DND Interview Call!

Yesterday was a really tuff day, it was sunday and i was planning to sleep in but i couldn’t cuz my duty was from 8 to 5pm.  I was really mad but i couldn’t do anything about it. At cadets we do get a choice of whatever shift we can choose from the available ones. So being the smartest one i wanted to get it over with and spend the rest of my week finishing up all my pending work. But i forgot that getting up early morning on Sunday is the hardest part. Anyways, i went to the gym cuz it was a sports day, an other officer (senior than me) was also there.   

We were suppose to be supervising cadets but because the senior cadets are well trained, we didn’t had to do much. Me and my senior officer we went to the gym and started playing basketball (hahahahha that so not wasn’t part of our duty) well we both played well and at the end i won *looking for my shades*     

Well for past couple of weeks i have been working on my promotion paper work, last week Andrew (ma coworker who recently joined) went for his interview. I was like wat da hell i submitted my paper work way before him, how can he get an interview call before me  .  Than my CO (commanding officer) explained me that his father is already in air force and he was also a cadet when he was young so that the benefit you get being in the forces that when you apply for commission its lot faster than a civilian appling for it.     But bechara Andrew…..he finished his interview and out side of the building he met some of his friends and started cracking some jokes and one of the recruiting officer was passing by and he heard him saying something like lets go and take some drug.

This officer called me later on and told him that they are not really impressed by his behavior….huh. He had to go through lot of hassle to come out of a hole that he dug for himself. Now he is waiting for his medical which is somewhere in june.

 Today i got a phone call from DND (Department of National Defence) recruiting office. They called me for an interview  …………its on this coming thursday @ 1:30pm. I have got 2 days to prepare my self, the lady who called me was really nice. She really helped me and told me what are the things i have to do. I have to read this big booklet that my CO gave me a year ago and i kept on putting it off for some free time and also have to do some research on the topic “what is the role canadian forces are playing around the world”. I also got my medical date which is June 15 11:30pm. There is an other good news but i aint telling you now……cuz sehaat ke leya teek nahi hota ek saat etni zeyada gud news….but that doesn’t mean i am not telling you at all. I will tell you but when the right time comes 

Happiest Gal Falling Out!



  1. Congrats!!
    The clock has just struck ” right time” spill it out:-p

  2. hey good for you!

  3. All the best, soldier!

    Or should it be soldierette?

  4. …best of luck!May your interview fine more than your expectations!!

  5. You’re in the Air Force?? Wow! It’s so boring being an engineer 😛 J/K.

    Wish you all the best for the interview – may Allah grant you success with *translate khair-o-aafiyat* 😛

  6. Good going girl … Gud LucK :>

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