Posted by: YWB | April 20, 2007


So yeh i had my interview today. It took me a while to find the right building because i went to the wrong direction :S even though i went to downtown with my friend the other day just to see where exactly the building is but because today there was some major constructions going on so i had to go around to get on to that street (walked about 12 blocks 😦 ). Well still i was half an hour early, i sat there going through some newspapers when Captain S. Lee (the interviewer) came. He took me to his office and started the interview. It was about 2 hours long plus i had to do some paper work which took me another half an hour.

The interview was hard, some of the questions and scenarios were the same that my CO told me and prepared me for. Overall it went well and he was pretty impressed with my responses. He gave me some forms to get it cleared by the police. I asked him about my medical as well….that why i cant have my medical date prior to June and he said he is gona see what he can do about it. If my medical is before June than i can got for my course in September πŸ˜€ which’ll be great but if it is in June than i’ll have to wait a while for the course because they dont process any paper work from July to September.

oh well let see what happens…
Falling Out!



  1. G’ Luck Dear!

  2. Wow. That’s really great. Hope everything goes better than you’ve planned for πŸ™‚

  3. Hope police clearance goes well … πŸ˜‰

    Hoping best for yaa … *thumbs up*

  4. One step closer..Good luck all the way!

  5. best of luck …

  6. One hour ago i was reading posts from your old blogspot blog. This is what i do sometimes; visting old blogs, reading posts – just to observe change the time brings – just to go through all those things people share from their life, routine, experiences, thier habits and addictions. Just to know what i had been reading in the past, what i had been saying, the responses and then a comparison about how good or bad it was. You might want ot ask: Nostalgic? The answer is Yes. Rewinding back: A wish that can never ever be granted. A bitter reality and hard to swallow and then harder to digest. Had this only wish been granted on this planet, everybody would have lived happily forever. Reality pulls as back brutally. Either change or no change, or a simple evolution and then an end. Silence and death prevail forever. My heart aches badly. Sometimes it resists against beating normally. A self-inflicted pain in nature, infact. May be a cure itself? May be? And the song ‘Yee Shamma’ in your SticKam menu, forced me to go back in the past – A poison with delightful taste and not less than an offensively bold killer. Will you still calll it a non-serious attitude?

    How is your niece? That cute little baby girl? Do you still call her Burfi? Do you people still live in Methai ka Dabba?

    * This song will kill me today – walks away

  7. well best of luck, if u dun reply these comments i will never comment on ur blog again, this is a dhamki, i mean kia matlab hai? why dun u bother to reply all these comments?

  8. Absar: thxx…..i hope da same as well….n insallah everyting will wrk out

    Asma: i am not worried abt da police clearnes i know its gona b fine….
    i aint crimnal πŸ˜‰ hehehehehehe other than chote mote crims i didnt do a big one hhahahaha

    umair thx for da wish….n thx for stopin by keep on hitin bck

    GH: thx…..i do dat sometimes but not any more….. dont get enough time na 😦 oh well…..everything is well including ma sweet barfi….she is grown up now πŸ˜€ aur bohat hi zeyda sehtan ho gai hai

    damn u karl…… dats a reply to ur comment…..btw i am naraz if u noticed

  9. Wish whatever is best for you, what ? no human being knows. All become wiser after the incident.

    I went through your prfile and found you to be an ordinary person. Extra-ordinary are very few and most of them life in mental resorts.

  10. Wish you all the very best πŸ˜€

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