Posted by: YWB | April 24, 2007

Editor’s reply

Dear ‘Zenia’:

Thanks for sending me your story. I have successfully opened and have saved the first file. I am sure others will open as well. Your story looks really interesting and the flow of the story is really good. Give me some time to read it all. I have also noticed that it would need some typing corrections and some editing. I may be able to suggest you some title after reading it all, however in the meantime you should scratch your head too (to think for a title).

I may be able to give it in my magazine in Urdu section under your name (by installments, as the story is long and space in magazine is limited).

Keep on writing, you have a good and a unique style of writing. I would also appreciate you, if you can send me some informatory and interesting material (typed in InPage) for publishing in the magazine or for my newspaper. Drop in to my office on this Wednesday any time between 10-5:30pm and i will discuss more about it.
Take care and keep in touch.

Khuda Hafiz
Rahim Mustafa

yep thats right party0024.gif



  1. he’s write..keep writing.
    Khuda karey zor-e-qalam or ziada

  2. Oh wow zenia’s going to become famous – laggi raho — share with us too the marvels – ameen to Unaiza’s zaur e qalam πŸ™‚

  3. Wow! So is this a marketing thing for that magazine? Don’t tell me you’re gonna ask us to buy the magazine to read your story! πŸ˜›

    Congrats on the wonderful time that you’re having! πŸ™‚

  4. wow wow wow wow wow.. I want to read it too.

  5. thats a nice thing to get in your mail…COMPLEMENTs….happy for you…jab publish ho tou copy it to your blog also if there isnt a copyright/ownership issue…

  6. Unaiza: thxx yaar keep on praying

    Asma: yeh thx lolss @ famous well i never thought i am gona share ma stuff wid anyone…. i jst wrote cuz it made me feel gud

    Absar: hain excuz me wat do u think u gona get da mag for free

    Raheel: yeh me 2 i wana read it again πŸ˜‰ hehehehehe

    UTP: yeh i hav 2 found out copyrit issue….let see wat i can do abt it

  7. So you are writer as your mom is poetess. Masha Allah talented family
    I would love to read your full story & i wish that you publish that on your blog too. Enjoy your good time & dont forget us when you become a famous gal πŸ˜€
    Best of luck for your coming future in each & every field of your life Ameen

  8. i am unable to understand what r u upto, pls dun write it in here, werna no one will buy that magazine

  9. Good luck!:)

  10. atleast story ki bottom line to pata chalni chahiyeh na

  11. Larki khauf e khuda karo … aur is ana kay hathon majboor honay kay rang tu badlo … πŸ˜›

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