Posted by: YWB | April 30, 2007


I don’t know about you guys but i really hate when people stick their hands in my food or plate. k the sharing part isn’t the problem…..i don’t mind sharing but the problem is its annoying when they put there hands in my food.

If i do this in Uni (which i always do) and people think i am being mean because i don’t want to share my ‘bag of chips’ or ‘can of pepsi’ with them. If i take out and give it to them, they think i am giving them less or being cheap.eerr

I don’t understand, if they have to shut their face, why don’t they do it with their own food……i don’t mind paying but just don’t put your hands in my food. Once i had a can of pepsi and my friend was like “pass…” i looked at her and was like “uummm……No!…..i don’t want your saliva at the spot of my can.” So now when i am with friends and i buy something, i would buy two of the same thing so they don’t contaminate my food.

Its not with friends only i don’t even share it with my family (not sharing in the sense i wouldn’t let ’em put their hands in my food). Specially my brother and he would purposely take put his hands just to annoy me and i just had a fight with him when i was eating Fruit lops (yeh i still eat fruit lops big deal) while watching TV when he came from gym and he put his hand in the bowl and took a hand full of fruit lops. :@ idiot!

i am never gona talk to him ever! fight



  1. Very normal attitude, nothing bad about it.:)
    I like Sazaa-e-dil header.

  2. So, with this post, we knew one more thing about her.

  3. Oh ho…pyar barhta hay…!!! Heehehe…

  4. lolz xact!!!!
    this is xactly wat i do!!! hehehe
    ami always keeps on cursing me for this but i do this! 😛

  5. Zios: u think so……pheewww… i am relaxd 😛

    GH: yeh keep on makin a list….its gona b a long list hehehehehe btw dis thing is gona go 2 da left side of da colume…..

    UTP: …sorry i dont want dis kinda pyar…. pyar wid germs no thx

    Lunatic: huh at last i found some1 lik me 8) we rule gal 😉

  6. ya we do rule lolz

  7. zenia khaatun bohat naik khyaal aur aadat hai.. woh beemar hone se bach jaate honge =p

  8. ohho is that Meera on the header?! Looks like a pashto film billboard.. rofl!

  9. nice blog

  10. Raheel: sukeriya nawazish karam 😛 (sorry i ran outa urdu hahahhahha)
    nahi kair kabi kabi bemaar ho bi jati hon despite of all dis

    n i hav changed da header :S huh hope u lik dis one thought dat was ma fav

    Some1Somewher: hey thx for stopin by…..n thx for leavin ur mark….. 😀

  11. aww that was so cute of him, nahi 😛

    Chips ships tu chal hii saktay hain sharing karnay may, haan liquids … eucky 😛

  12. Hey
    Hmm i still remember when i was a kid, my sis used to have the same behaviour. If u touch her bread, she will not eat the bread and you will end up eating that 😉

    Now she is married, she has got 3 kids. Now she eats the bread even if u touch it.

    So may be you should also wait for your marrage, after that you will be fine….:)

  13. what so bad in sharing liquids ???

  14. marein tumhare dushman

  15. Ah! Well I’m not exactly like that. I mean mere ander ammi ki taraf se bohot murawwat aayi hai (yep, blaming it on parents again :P), so I don’t snap at people 😛

    But once, there was this guy at the company where I did an internship, who ate like a total gorilla! Complete with slurpy sounds and everything! Yuck! Mujhe samajh nahi aata woh khud apni aawazien kaise bardasht karta hoga!

  16. uff such a relief!!!! meri terah k log bhi hain dunya mai aakhir!!! thank you thank you

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