Posted by: YWB | May 6, 2007

missing summer :/

I dont know why i am feeling all blanked out…jst like i was feeling couple of weeks ago. Its raining again eerr i guess thats why…..we had sunny yesterday and i was busy in flying the glider…..i had to go out of the city again for gliding. We left about 7am and started our gliding @ about 8:45am and came backe @ 3pm.

I wasn’t expecting any rain today but when i woke up in the morning and moved the curtains to let the sun light come in but instead of sun i had to see the sky covered with heavy clouds 😦

A new family moved in to the house in front of ours, before this family, there was another family who we never saw, the curtains were never moved it seemed like there was no life in the house but now because of this new family now it seems like a house house.

oh i remember something……my school is starting from tomorrow so I’ll be really busy :S and i wont be able to blog as much (yeh yeh laugh it out… i blog regularly han)

i have to go and do some workout damn its so cold n all da work out machines are on the deck…..the other day i begged my brother to help me move all the machines out cuz i thought summer is coming so its gonna be nice working out on da deck. The deck is covered and its a perfect place to work out completely private yet you can enjoy the fresh air.

I am falling out!

Listening To [in a high volume…..come on its a weekend πŸ˜‰ ]



  1. perhaps the family before this one was conducting some experiements in the basement and comprised of serial killers or what ever

    and there is nothingy as beautiful as night rain

  2. We have had so many storms in last couple of weeks. now its starting to get better, but the damage is still there. trees fallen off adn stuff.

    i miss summer too….but i miss winter even more!

  3. ->gliding in rain… ooohhh lala!!
    -> oh nice song u r listening to leja eja ray… its beautiful.

  4. Yeah I’m a complete summer person. Aamanna says ke mere muun se kabhi ye sunnay ko nahi milta ke garmi ho rahi hai πŸ˜›

  5. Me: hahahahahaha @ serial killer *thinking abt it* yaakkkizzz they seemed prety scary da guy luked drugy o_O

    FD: yeh i remember wen ve had stormz n some ppl even lost dere houses 😦

    Aks: lolsss @ oohh lala……well i didnt glide in rain cuz its not possible πŸ˜› wen i was gliding it was all sunny da nxt day we had heavy rain

    absar: i aint summer person but….i am sick of dis winter…..n beside i wana wear those summer dresses dat i bought frm pkiland πŸ˜€ dats y i want summer

  6. U do gliding?? like the real real gliding :O :O???

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