Posted by: YWB | May 11, 2007

Meri Barfii :D

Me (on da phone): kesi hai meri jano?

Barfii aka Anosha in totali voice: main teik hoon….

Me: muje miss kea?

Barfii: ji booot keya….. ap ko pata hia abi main apne aminaal ko jula deya hai

Me *thinking* aminal…..oh animal!

Anosha gives phone 2 her mom…..after talking to her i asked her to give phone to anosha….

Me: ap mera se baat kyun nahi kar rahi ho?

Bari: ki tu hai ab kea bar baar ap se bat karon




  1. Tay haur kiii 😛

    kisshes for the barfi … :>

  2. buht acha hua

  3. This is the innocence of children that makes them more adorable!

    Ore Chaa gaey hain app @ Bohat shokhiyan muj say kartay hain aanso. But i have a question *raises his hand* Kis kay aanso? 🙂

  4. I love children when they say and do such things. They are so cute. God is great. Life main har tarah ki cheez and emotion experience karwa dete hain. Life is beautiful, thanks to HIM.

  5. Asma: kisses r forwarded 😀

    Tauqeer: kes ke saat?

    GH: i know but these days media is snatching da innocence frm da kids…..i hav seen so many kids who talk lik they r adults…..sadly

    behta kesi aur ke anso tu ap se sohgiyan nahi karte ap ke apne hi ansoo karte hain ap se sohgiyan 😛 i hope i hav answered ur question

    Raheel: yeh me 2 but not really young kids… i lik kids abov age 3 in which they can talk……
    etni peyari peyari batain karte hain…….

  6. Ch ch ch … sad. *hands over a box of tissue papers.

  7. lol

    *ghambeeer masla hay yah tu*


  8. 🙂

    ditto everyone above

  9. tum dono k saath 😎

  10. 🙂

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