Posted by: YWB | May 19, 2007


human beings…they are just not trust worthy doesn’t matter if they are blood related or they are your friends. You can never count on them. I don’t know…..these days life is teaching me so many things at once that i have completely stopped trusting people (thanks to SOME people).

One thing (a typical thing though) that is money changes people so fast. I have never given importance to money (alhumdolilah) but for this world it is everything. For me money is not more than relationships but i have noticed that it worth more than relationships for other people.
[prayers needed]



  1. I don’t know what kinda game that is, but I pray that you and your family have no reason to worry. Ameen.

  2. I know what you mean……..I wouldn’t care about money too but watching people around me makes me question whether I have my priorities set straight or not…….Is it me who is wrong in thinking that people you care for come first or is it them who think money is everything? Makes me question myself everytime……and yet I fail to find an answer……

  3. hmm…well one should never judge everyone on the basis of a few although yeah you cant really trust anybody. But nobody would trust you either and imagine how life would be then? CRAZY!!!

  4. hmmm u r right, but look there r few certain things in this world for what GOD itself has created some rules right from the begining of this world n v cannot change it, money is more than just necessary to survive

  5. i dont understand, one hand u said ‘u dont trust people’ and u realised these recently by courtesy to SOME people …. contradiction isnt it?


  6. u dont trust people …. in actual people earn trust….


  7. If you want to do good to yourself and others then never trust them. By trusting them you provide them an opportunity to cheat.

    Power and money are two things that change people without them knowing it. It happens to most of us.. depends on what is the boiling point:). Only those with strong faith resist it.

  8. what ever you have said is very much true at least I can say that because I have some personal experiences. Money really makes people blind and cold blooded animals but God always show them lesson, I have seen the rise and then the down fall of those kind of people because some of them are very closed relatives of mine

  9. I also believe that we should not trust blindly !
    There are 90 % people who don’t want to see you happy and the rest of ten person will hard to find in this world !
    So, DON’T Trust Anyone !
    Except family members like mom , sisters, brothers, we can trust them..

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