Posted by: YWB | May 24, 2007

First attempt!

I got a phone call from this person who is a really good speaker and a writer. He is playing an important role in our community. He was asking me if i wrote something for a magazine or not.
I am like “yeh, i’ve been writing for couple of magazines every once in a while”
“Did you write ‘afsana’ for a magazine”
“hhmmmm yeh i did…. . “(i was kinda scared that i might have writen something that i shouldn’t have)
“i didnt know you can write so well…..first i thought its somebody else who i dont know”

Later that evening:
I went to get a copy of that magazine to see if my story is really published…..i wanted to see it with my own eyes. You guys cant even imagen how i felt seeing my name in the magazine with my story.
I’m feeling on top of the world party0024.gif



  1. I wana read it now … this is cheating !

  2. show what you have written

  3. hey whats up? dun tell me that up is a fan, u should be known of whats up becus as u said that u r up on the world, btw how is it going there? flying?

  4. Hmmmm! Nice One……………..!

  5. well well…look who has gone into serious writing…poora kar lo adorah khawab….

  6. Congrats 🙂
    It is also my dream to publish my own book one day.

  7. congrats. its good that your talent have been recognized. keep up the good work.


  8. so lets see your “afsana” sometime here after its published?

  9. Come on! Be done with the suspense already! When do we get to read that afsana?

    Oh, congratulations by the way! 😀 Really, it is SUCH an amazing feeling reading your name in print 😀

  10. Congratulations …
    When can we see what have u written?

  11. NEVER

  12. hey cool, congrats, but where that afsana is?

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