Posted by: YWB | June 2, 2007


I don’t have to say anything because this shair say it all.

Jaab biekneh paar hum aa hi gahe teh tu oncha mool tu biektah na

hum ko humareh rehbar lekin arzaan baich keh ahe hain

جب بکنےپرہم آہی گئےتھےتواونچےمول توبکتےنا
ہم کو ہمارے رہبر لیکن ارزاں بیچ کے آئے ہیں



  1. It disturbs me to say “Uh Oh.”

  2. yeh i know….and it hurts alot…..

  3. And is it what I’m thinking???

    ( and how to tell you what I’m thinking 😮 )

    praYers !

  4. may i know whose sher this is ?

  5. Asma: wat r u thinking???
    thx 4 da prayers

    Umair: i dont know….i read it somewhere long long time ago….dont even remember where i read it r whose is it

  6. Oye hoee dukhee ker dia mujai 😉 hehe

    ( dun mind the unusual response, im just in a good mood)

    So temme what dicision did u mae finally? haaaaan?

  7. wat decision r u talkin abt….

  8. leemz its olrit….atlest some1 is happy n its a gud thing…. dont worry abt it

    wat decision r u talkin abt….

  9. A noticable change in your blog’s header image – It’s not a sher as it always used to be. Is this an image of a canadian city at night?

    And yes, sharfoo is saying ‘hi’ 🙂

  10. yeh its ma city…. isnt it beautiful 😀

    do u see dat globe thing….its science world…. 😀
    n awsome place 2 b
    i use to go there when i was a kid….had loads of fun…..

  11. giv ma salam 2 sharfoo….
    missin him so much 😥

  12. Haye Haye…kya khoob kaha…

  13. i cannot read urdu!

  14. hi
    who iz ur rehbar plz mujhe btayee main un se baat kr k ap mahengay damo khreed loongy

  15. Life is full of ups and downs, hope you get more ups in future

  16. serious honay k liye nahi kaha tha :p
    btw hey whats wrong? why do u always keep sadness with u? try to enjoy the colorful parts of this life, hamesha jab bhi tumhara koi post perhta hoon 3 din tak udaas rehta hoon mai 😦

  17. ”awesome verses……

  18. Girl you chatagorized it int ‘Decisions’, i was refering to it , catching my drift?

  19. laiken aakhir aisa bhi kia hogya?!!!

  20. beautiful shair showing the intensity of emotions behind it….

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