Posted by: YWB | June 12, 2007

life like dis!

I am really screwed up….i had a midterm exam today and was studying for it for last 2 weeks but i think i bombed it :(. The second thing i am screwed up with is my transfer….i had to transfer to this 2nd best university but i missed the deadline date to submit my application because of my shity life. Now they said they’ll accept my application but i have to submit a letter explaining why i missed the deadline. I don’t know what to write in the letter. I cant (well sorta CAN) write that there are some personal problems going on but than they need proof and i have to explain what sorta problems…..i am so damn confused! I don’t want to waste my 3 months…..i seriously need help shit :S

PS: To all those people who become sad after reading my blog:

*deleted what i just wrote….cuz it was too harsh* well there is really nothing i can do

if my posts make anyone said…..all you can do is stop reading it *i don’t know* its really your choice!



  1. hmmm look who is confused in writing a letter, hey wakeup gal i know that u can write a letter after all v all know that u r a very good writer, it should be a peice of cake for u..what do u say? just give it a try, ALLAH will help u

  2. Like, just my opinion, honesty is the best way to go about it for the university. Like remember, they wont judge you or your life or whatever is going on, they just need a reason for their paper work so they can justify in processing your late papers. After all they are held accountable for the responsibilites are they are given.

    rest about mid term, dont worry too much about it, if you didnt do well in this one you can do better in the next, after all studies isnt the very important part , despite what our parents have been brainwashing us since childhood.

    Regarding shitty life, trust me when i say this, that each one of us is living in his own personal hell, and its other people in our life that provide us support and reasons to go on with this struggle.

    let me cut this comment here , or it would be never end

    Just hang in there, “nothing lasts forever, even cold november rain…”

  3. reading your post I couldnt find anything that should confuse you to a point where you can tell why you missed a deadline….

    Since they are allowing you to apply…thye want you…so keep it simple…say the truth be diplomatic…

  4. Yes thats it, if they let you apply means you can do it ! just think about all the possible VALID reasons and put on it, but remember personal impression at the office is what matters….
    Hope things go well for you:P

  5. Trust on God and whatever raeson you will pen down they will definately give it a solid consideration cos they ae concerned to you thats why they have given you a chance…. GET,set ready goooooo

  6. karl: i was havin problem makin up n excuz 😛

    Me: but hang on 2 wat?

    UTP: well i mailed ma application….let see

    Taugeer: yeh i was bein diplomatic 😉

    Fara: thx for comin by….. yeh i hav full faith on Allah….i am sure he’ll guide me through

  7. hope, and for times to change and things to turn your way and for you to be able to take a breath from the struggles called life

    That which never lived can never die ….

  8. Keep your explanation letter simple with all necessary details included. If your problems are genuine they will consider your case. I hope enough.

  9. Just one advice – objectivity. Whatever is going wrong in your life, don’t think about it when you’re writing that letter, or doing anything else. Thinking that your life is miserable isn’t going to help you with anything, except for making you miserable. Sorry for being too candid.

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