Posted by: YWB | June 17, 2007

Mom wasn’t feeling well for couple of days, it was so uncomfortable for her to breath, so we took her to the hospital and she stayed there for two days. We were all worried about her health because this is her 2nd visit to the hospital this year.   Even the doctor was worried but alhumdolilah she is home now and doing much better. The day she was in the hospital, i had a very important exam so mom sent me to Uni and when i was coming home all i was thinking about mom’s health.

I entered the house thinking that i’ll make something mom’s favourite for dinner.  I was expecting mom to be in her room sleeping or in the family room. But when i entered the family room, everybody was there, mom enjoying pizza and looking really pretty in her maroon dress with all dresses up and makeup on. Other family members were also siting there and eating pizza and i am standing in the middle of the room, all confused.

First she went to a drop-in clinic because our family doctor’s office was closed and the drop-in clinic doctor thought its some sort of heart problem and told us that we have to take her to the emergency. After doing some tests doctors told her that they think its kidney stone and they would have to remove it. Later on they did CT scan and some other tests and figured out its not kidney stone. Than they found out there is nothing wrong….she was just a little stressed and thats all. They gave her 2 Tylenols and sent her home……



  1. As-salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah everything turned out ok for your mom!

    You may not remember me, but I just found a comment by you on my blog. Thanks for reading. You have a lovely blog as well mashaAllah.

    Fee amanillah.


    Pin in Mouth

  2. my prayers for ur mom … Alhamdolillah she’s better now and she’ll be fine with healthy radiance soon :>

  3. Perhaps she need an inhaler like ventolin or something.

    btw I like this city lights picture banner.

  4. thx for visiting me Auto….
    yeh its ma beautiful city 😀

  5. oh good no severe conditions…stress is to be avoided !!

    well hi ZA how are you?

    and like auto i was also amazzed to see the banner and is looking beautiful.

  6. God bless you and your family!

    I really like the photey you’ve put on the banner on top. 🙂

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