Posted by: YWB | June 24, 2007

My feet are hurting….

my legs are hurting….

i am feeling so damn cold….

everything taste so disgusting….

i want to drink pepsi with 5 ice cubes in it 😦 ….

i have to study for my econ quiz….

i have to finish my econ assignment….

i haven’t heard from the transfer university where i applied….

i want to ‘call-in-sick’ at my work place for tomorrow…..

i have to fax provincial and national loan interest relief papers….

i bought Cheese Danishes from Tims but my brother ate it all :S….

i wana eat cheese danish….

i have to mail out my police clearance papers to Department of National Defence….

i have to call my family doc and sign some papers from her…..

i am screwed up……i wish the day is 48hrs long…..than i might get all these things done…

~ Edit: after visiting asma’s blog….it reminds me that i wana eat gol gapah as well :S



  1. Lol! Okay, let’s deal with this one problem at a time:

    get a foot massage
    get a leg massage
    go sit near a heater
    eat ilaichi
    DON’T (:p)
    do the assignment – quiz prep khud ho jayegi
    keep praying…. hard
    pay me a couple hundred bucks for the solutions to the remaining problems 😛

  2. fetah moon…..
    couple of hundreds save kar ke kud hi na solve kar lon sari problems….

  3. means money is the only problem

  4. relax, only then you will be ablke to accomplish any thing

  5. lolzz.. main problem is Gol gappas, contact Asma n’ she’ll send u some:P
    n’ whats this all about? ‘i have to mail out my police clearance papers to Department of National Defence….’ what r u upto girl? :/

  6. ooops.. i thought only boys get cramps !


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