Posted by: YWB | June 27, 2007

So my friends are right about me…..

“tum haar kam main kamkah hi tagain urah dehti ho”

I am doing this project for a television (MTA) and for which i have to interview some girls. I am having hard time convincing girls to volunteer. (oh well insallah i’ll do something about it)

After two weeks ejtamah is coming up and i am participating in debate competition, talawat competition and also bait bazi….i dont know if i’ll take part in poem competition as well…..because the poems that are selected for the competition are really hard to make a tune of it….but let see.

This is all beside school work…..oh dyamn….i just remembered that i have exams in exactly 2 weeks……

i think i am screwed!



  1. damn, too much extra “work”,

    i used to hide in everythingy and try to remain anonymous, best life

  2. oh and good luck

  3. yah good luck, but what about gol gappay? u had ’em?

  4. Me: i know man…..but kea karon….
    i am thinking to join Uni badminton team…..

    Aks: sab kawahisat tu puri nahi hoti na :/

  5. Heheh, yeah that sounds like fun…. >:)

  6. hey great dear … good luck !!

    dear my MTA is down for so many months now 😦 I’ll press aba to have it working as fats as possible … do tell me how it went and when it’d go on air …:)

  7. u easliy can get rid of ur tensions…just concenterate and try to understand the fact of the matter that these r all ur self created problems

  8. any plans of updating ?

  9. cool, i luv participating in bait bazi. u dont have to scrath ur head i can help u reminding me. i lived in Edmonton and u told me once that whenever u read my post, u remember some of ur cousin in Japan (if i m not mistaken)…..remember me now?


  10. hey its nice to find some ahmadi bloggers around[something which i never expected, seriously]…r u all from the same place?

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