Posted by: YWB | July 11, 2007

Charlie’s birthday

So yeh…its ma bday……

Me: “hey its ma bday :P”

Huda: “seriously? y didnt u tell me?”

Me: “yeh…well didnt u see ma status on FB? :S”

Huda: “oh i thought its some charlie’s birthday?”

Me: “msn11.gif



  1. happy b’day dear … May you’ve many delighted years in ur life to come …!

    Love & Prayers!

    ps: hay kaunsweeen bhalla 😉

  2. May Allah bless you with good luck in life, inshAllah:)

  3. hay kaunsween bhalla

    which one btw?

  4. u dont make any sense asma :/

  5. Hey happy belated bday

  6. A very happy birthday to Charlie [:P]
    What asma is asking is that how OLD have you become, which birthday is it?? 65th or 165th??? [:P]

  7. happy birthday…that was why u werent updating…hmmmmm

  8. happy b’day.


  9. oh i missed, damn!

    mY mom’s birthday was on 12th.
    i won’t forget nnext time insha ALLAH…
    how did it go btw?

  10. oOoOoOOooo i am late… but its not too late, happy birth-month:P

  11. Happy Belated Birthday 😀

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