Posted by: YWB | July 18, 2007

hain 😮 *standing on ma bed and dancing* finally i figured it out….how long it took me…. *checking ‘manage’* yeh so i started my blog on wordpress on Nov 18 and it has been quite some time but today the very day i found out how to unhide the ‘format bar’ where you can bold and do all kinds of stuff. *banging my head against the wall next to my bed*.

Well i have got multiple blog posting pending….everyday i promise myself, i’ll do it but when i do login to wordpress i would lose the urge to update.

Its 12:30am and i am sitting here on my bed, fan turned on with blanket on my self, (yeh its a bit chilly today and even though there is NO NEED of fan but i still have it on) and updating for the sake of updating.

My brother went to Pakistan couple of weeks ago and i am missing him so much. I did talk to him today twice. My khala with my cousins are already down there plus my other khala from Canada, she is also there of course with her family. Both of my mamo already there and my other khala she is also there… all 5 families are there. I so badly want to be with them. Yesterday mom called pakistan and was talking to ma cutey nano :D, after talking to mom for a while, she was like “yahan sab teek hain chalo baad main baat karti hon Allah Hafiz”

lolssss i started laughing when i saw my mom made a face. My mom was, “ami ko 3 beteyan kea meli hain muje tu bhool hi gai hain”. In the evening she called her again and complained her. I couldn’t believe it, i was in the kitchen when i heard my mom complaining her mom, i have never ever ever seen my mom complain about anything. It was a different experience.

I was talking to my brother when my cousin garbed the phone from him and started talking. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “main shaz se baat kar rahi ti”

Cousin: “nahi main belkol teek hon…”

Me: “main ne kab haal pocha hai””

Cousin: “main sarminda karaneh ki kosis kar raha tah…mager lagta hai koi faheda nahi hova”

Me: “i thought you were in islamabad…”

Cousin: “yeh but aj kal kashmir main hi hoon ap keh bahi saheb ko company deh raha hon”

Me: “aur kuch nahi tazi sunaho”

Cousin: “kea nahi tazi….rooz meetings hoti hain”

Me *laughing*

Cousin: “and only 20+ are allowed”

Me: “acha zara pata karwahoo kea kis bareh main ho rahi hain meetings….”

Yeh about those meetings….where our khalas get together they start doing these secret meetings and no kids are allowed in that meetings….KIDS k there are some kids in the family but me and some of my other cousins seriously don’t fall into kids’ category.



  1. lol @ finding unhide-format-bar, actually same thing happened with me a few days back .. lol, but never mind, hota hai hota hai!! hehe.
    and yeah these meetings… every age group never allows their juniors (not either elders) to attend their meetings, secret meetings that is 😛 and i read it somewhere that a secret’s worth depends on the person from whom it must be kept, so kid’s secrets are more important than elder’s ’cause elders hide their secrets from kids… lol

  2. r u alright? cuz the one i know since very long is kindda alrite, but u r not looking alrite, behki behki batein kr rahi ho…wese i can hint u what are these meetings for 😉 iss liye k jo bachay doesnt fall in the category of kids un ka kuch kro, i mean they are totally useless, u know kia kehlaatay hain aisay bachay?

  3. I know it is but I can’t help it.
    I dunno why but I’m completely bored of the online world these days. No orkut, facebook, yahoo, google etc. “Bas main aur meri tanhaye” 😛
    I’ll update inshaAllah, just to make you happy, i’ll update in this week, ab khush 😛
    take care of urself friend and dont be sad 🙂

  4. aunty jamie bonds =p

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