Posted by: YWB | July 25, 2007

cat or dog?

I had an exam today for ‘money and banking’ and it went REALLY REALLY well. I came home from university, when my sister called me in her room. I opened the door and saw a cage, small toys and cat food.

Sis: “appi i bought a cat”

Me: “but we decided on a bird”

Sis: “it was so cute, i had to buy it”

I saw a small white thing all cuddle up in a blanket, than she moved her head and looked up at me with the most innocent looks. Those who know me, they know i dont like dogs or cats but I think i am gona like her.  She is all white and 3 months old. Anyways, soon i’ll upload her pictures. Well me and my sister were siting there and thinking about the name we should give her, the conversation went something like this.

Sis: “i wana call her shazadi”

Me: “u know lubz got a cat name rani, so she’ll think you copied her”

Sis: “yeh i thought about it too”

Me: “hhmm okey officially she can be shazadi but for pet name lets call her ‘dog’ and when she doesn’t behave properly you can call her bitch*evil grin* “

Than i left the room because i knew i wont be able to stay there any longer after this advice ;), beside i had to enjoy mom’s made bariyani.

PS: On my sister’s request i had to put this msg up for all of my readers: If you have a better name than ‘dog’ submit it to me, and we’ll see which one is worthing calling her.

Falling Out!



  1. Tikky?

  2. …Mousse…

  3. Billi?…Billeena? 😛

  4. pearly ?

  5. mini?

  6. beny? spooky? shell? please anything but not shahzadi 😦

  7. Crookshanks? 😛
    indiana jones?
    cheegum? 😛
    laila? 😛
    whiskers? 😛
    top cat? 😛
    honey? 😛

    or best of all, u can call it by my name, that way u’ll always remember me 😛 (just kidding)

  8. Bagar Billi 😛

  9. What happened to your facebook 😛

  10. lol at SHA some names

    a friend of mine had her cat named poochi 😛 maybe u can go for that too

  11. and Congrats on REALLY REALLY well paper 😛

  12. Champa!!!

    Btw I like everything about this post 🙂

  13. Gido?

  14. DOGGY

    A colleague of mine recently adopted a kitten and she was all question mark about naming it and on my insistence she named it doggy … the sheer theory was when you’ll be lounged in ur drawing room with attitude wali fiends of your ama … you’ll call “doggy” and a cute lil kitten will come running in your lap … ahh the expression on ur guests faces would be exceptional 😉

    So doggy I’m with 😛

  15. Pari – fairy 😀

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