Posted by: YWB | July 28, 2007

Good News and a Good News!

Thanks everyone for suggesting some really nice names 😛 Me and my sister also searched through the net, looked for different names and than she liked italian name ‘Zolah’. HUH she didn’t like the name I picked (I mentioned it in my last post) so she is going to call her zolah from now on.

Okay now the good news 😀 we bought a brand new house. Right now the one we have it is about 28 years old. (yeh man :S so old….in our neighborhood its kind of new plus the old owner did some renovations before we bought it off of him so it doesn’t look 28 years old at all). Well now about the new house, I went to see with my dad once and I just loved it. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 washrooms plus a family room and a living room with double garage and 2 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom basement suits. The rooms are good size and got enough parking space so I don’t need to worry if I throw a party for my friends. It was for $620,000 but we got it for about $600,000. First mom and dad wanted to sell the house that we are currently living in but than mom decided she is going to keep it.  Mom loved the kitchen because it’s made out of oak wood which is really neat.

The other good thing is that the house is 10 minutes walk from my university 😀 isn’t it awesome. I don’t have to take 2 buses to get to my university anymore and besides all my siblings also go there so its all good.

We are moving on 13 August so two weeks to pack everything up. Due to my school and work I don’t get time to do anything and I am so confused because I have got my self involved in certain projects so after I move from this area, I wont be able to continue on with them. I am trying to finish it in two weeks, for instance that TV project and also some reports that I have to submit by august. To top it all of, I have my finals on 15 and 16 august :S and when I requested some days off from work my boss didn’t trusted me that I have finals and we are moving, she need a written note from my professors. Can you actually believe it, how am I going to ask my professor to write it for me like I am in high school or something. Oh well I’ll figure out something about it.

You all have to wait for the pictures because my stupid cousin broke my camera while I was in Pakistan and I found out its going to cost me about $300 to just fix it. And I am NOT spending $300 to fix that thing, I am thinking of buying a new one.



  1. oh, its a nice name… atleast far better than that ‘shehzadi’ 😛
    Congrats on ur new home n’ good luck for ur exams and shifting too 🙂

  2. so ur previous home is younger than u, aaj pta chal he gya!
    if u didnt had to pick any name from suggestions then why did u ask for it? now no one will ever gonna suggest u anything, internet tells everything! and mind u sola is a very bad name it seems sola satra athra unees, why didnt u named her as ikees?
    Besides everything congrates on buying a new home, n i wish kash tumharay ousin ko janta hota to uss tak tumharay wichaar pohancha kr dili sukoon milta mujhey.
    wish u good luck

  3. for $300 you cant get a Nikon D50,

  4. Zolah, eh? nice name.

    congrats on the move. always nice to move to a new, bigger and better house!

  5. Bahut bahut mubarak ho on your new home. May happiness follow you wherever you live 🙂
    Errmmm, I know someone named Zolah. Btw what does it mean??
    You could have bought a real good camera in Pakistan for $300.
    Anyways, congrats again for the new home and best of luck for your exams, you’ll do really well (ameen) 🙂

    PS: Dont forget me when you throw one of those parties 😛

  6. Sha: dun forget that when she says $ it means cnadian $. And canadian dollars mai yahan i mean pakistan mai u cant buy it.

  7. Aks: thx..:D..i am gona find out tomoro keep praying

    Karl: eeerrrrrr *inhale exhale* na abi tu main jawan hoon 😉
    hehehehe n mind u its Zolah not sola….i guess u r z-blind….
    nahi tumain phir bi dili sakoon na meltahh….cuz us ko pehla se hi mera ‘vichar’ patah hain…..
    mager wo ek number ka deht ensan hai belkol tumhari tarhan

    Haleem: hi thx for droping by….yeh i am so excited to move2 new house….. 😀 keep hiting bck

    Sha: yeh i didnt know that…..i thought i’ll go bck n fix it in canada….but didnt know it would b so expensiv…..
    chalo koi nahi 😉 esi bahane new camera buy kar long gi

  8. Thank you 🙂

  9. haan to zola phir bhi aik dam ghatya name hai, dun worry! oh i mean start worrying

  10. so like, you should have named your cat DOG, should have been fun , but heck “zolah ” it is.

    Last home we had was 150 years old, was i nthe family for 52 years, miss that place 😦

  11. Hey, congratulation.. and good luck with getting those letters!! >:)
    Waise seriously, good luck with everything

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