Posted by: YWB | August 1, 2007

What you should do when you see all your hopes die?



  1. i c the light and hope again and convince myself that whatever has happend, was good for me.

    try this and inform me


  2. fateha parhain 😛

  3. I have firm belief on the fact that “whatever happens, happens for the best”, bolay to “jo hota hai, acchay kay liyay hota hai” (ub kiss kay acchay kay liyay hota hai, that is unknown :P)

    I completely take my mind off the fact that something bad has happened, I start over and remain happy as usual 🙂

    Keep smiling my friend, nothing is the end of the world, there are a million possibilities & gazillion new oppurtunities. Always remember, HOPE never dies, we just think that it was the end of everything but believe me, it NEVER is!!!

    Chillax, go and have ice cream and plz plz PLEASE, SMILE 🙂

  4. Aamanna: yeh….but there are certain things in life that is never gud if they happen 2 u…..

    Aks: [no reply]

    Sha: yeh me too but i would repeat my self if i say keh kuch cheezain kabi achi nahi hotin ager wo ap ke saat ho jahain…….
    its nothing about opportunities nothing about possibilites……its about a fact that you have to live with through out ur life….

  5. what we shuld do is we should not delete our posts. tell me one thing which i never knew abt u, are u a pessimistic?

  6. Hopes never die, they might change shapes. Look on the brighter side of things, get inspiration and energy from them and do whatever you can to make that difference.

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