Posted by: YWB | September 5, 2007

At times i have this empty feeling, i cant even put into words!



  1. happens to everyone…

  2. really i thought it jst happen wid me….

  3. I can understand ….

    Na lab hilay na nighain milee
    guman hay phir bhee k kuch keh gaya koee.

    it happens to eveyone and you are not the exception eh


  4. i thought i was the only one who felt that way..empty and incomplete…but reading your post and the comments here make me realize i am not the only one…but truly, talking out of experience, its entirely up to us to over come that feeling…we just gotta try hard enough!

  5. Okay good so I have alot of people with me in this dilema…….not that its a good thing but atleast one is at ease knowing they are not alone…….!!
    I dont know if it will ever go away but at times its not as strong as it feels right now so thats something good. 🙂

  6. I’ve never felt that way .. Strangely. Prayers and closeness to God helps a lot in this case I’d say.

  7. Feeling empty is actually a realization of the Real Truth…there is nothing real about this world…everything fake…and doesnt have immortality…thats why when you get closer to the truth all you feel is EMPTY…

    there is nothing in this world that can fill up that emptiness…

  8. This world is a test. Making it a utopia only serves to remind us that it isnt and thats why we feel empty.

  9. Where do you keep vanishing to??

  10. The feeling of emptyness is the actual value of the variables of life. They start out un-initialized. And you seem to have reverted back to those variables. On-stage, life seems sweet because you are surrounded by happy people. People who joke about the little things that happen or not.
    This is no mystery that the variables need to be initialized and kept up to date with the latest values… or you get this feeling of a void-within again.
    Translation: Fill your life with people. Talk to them. Talk about not only the problems but anything. It works. [insert appropriate smiley here]

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