Posted by: YWB | September 20, 2007

Sorry sorry sorry and sorry…..

Is it enough appology?

I dont wana start ranting about how busy i was with school/work/social life and blah blah blah. Well this time i’ll actually tell you the truth, I didnt feel like updating……naaa thats not the reason. Actually our net isnt connected so …… you know the rest of the story right?

Moving was a pain seriously. Mom is not thinking to move for another 10years but dad is thinking differently.

Its been a month and I/we still can’t find some of the stuff and sometimes I find out that whatever i am looking for somebody already garbaged.  For instance, I was making Qeema waleh samosa but i couldnt find zeera anywhere. I checked kitchen storage, kitchen cabnits and even garage :(. huh than i had to make samosas without zeera for aftari cause i was too lazy to walk down to the market which is now 7mins away.

So the point of this short story is that samosas still taste good without zeera :D.




  1. AOA,
    We at The Pakistani Spectator have started a new series of interviewing Pakistani bloggers.

    In that regard, we would like to interview you, if you please. If you are nodding approvingly, then please email us at, and if you are not nodding approvingly, then, well pardon us for wasting your time.


    Ghazala Khan

  2. Heheh. So, how long is this next absence going to be for? 🙂

  3. I thought u were on an extended summer vaccation:-)

  4. awww 🙂 hows ur new home? liked it?

  5. i hate samosas, but fruit chat without chat masala is something like world without water, sky without clouds, husband without wife and life in koma…irressistable!

  6. Absar: aammm i wasnt planning to…but things jst come up frm no where

    Unaiza: huh i wish!

    Aks: like it? i love it 😀 alhumdolilah
    Karl: lolsss yeh but i hate da smell of chaat masalah

  7. So the point of this short story is::::: You can make samosayyyy!!! yuppieee

  8. I like lots of zeera too … but the samosas can be made without zeera 😐

  9. dont ever dare to smell chat masaala, werna ull face earth quake n flood in ur nose.. irressistable too

  10. Samosas hmmmm yummmmmmy

    PS. Thanks for the blogroll 🙂

  11. lol @ conculsion. that was too innocent to ignore !

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