Posted by: YWB | October 4, 2007

Looking back!

 Past: Those were the days when mom use to run after me and my brother with rolling pin in one hand and other struggling to catch both of us. Sometimes when she actually had time she would go in the kitchen and get some kali mirch –black pepper–
and grind it and than run after us. She would catch us and beat the hell out of us. She would take “kali mirch” to put down in our throats and we would run to the kitchen and drink as much
water as we could and than we would say sorry and make fake promises that we would never do any kinda stupid sarartain like taking sister’s doll and breaking it’s neck and would ask her very innocently “dehko ap ki doll ki neck tot gai…”.

But we would soon forget all our promises and even the ‘saza’ that mom gave us. Sometimes we would run for our life and hide our selves in the washroom and mom would angrily bang the washroom door and me and brother both would laugh and laugh till our stomach starts to hurt. And mom would hear our laughter and walk away yelling that when we will come out of the washroom she will continue this session. And we would laugh louder and wouldn’t stop till we could no longer hear mom’s voice.  

Present: Now when she yells at me I yell back. When she is mad and tells me something I argue back, she gets quite, the cold expression of her is simply enough to kill me. When I do something I have all kinds of things to say in my defense just to justify myself. Now when I hide –alone– behind that same washroom door –though for the same reason, I want to hide myself from mom– I cry till my eyes are swollen and I start to have a headache.

*an old post from my old blog*


  1. “funny memories”

    Sorry, but I cant find any funny thing in here 😐

  2. koi baat nahi asma….
    us ke leya bi mazah ki hiss chaheya hote hai 😉

  3. things change…don’t they!

  4. i also miss those memories of my life, and wish that i could turn back the time aur mai beth jaon apni mama k qadmoon mai aur un say kahoon…mama please mujhey maarain, mujhey daantain…..

  5. I remember this post – it’s just as moving today as it was when I first read it. Actually this post made me stick to your blog… really, REALLY moving. I just don’t have any words!

  6. Eid Mubarak 🙂

  7. woh eid mubarak 😛

  8. lol haan Eid Mubarak:D

  9. life life life and oh yeah that reminds me of the alive kachii chicken :p

  10. are you stalking me on my blog and going through all old ones :O

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