Posted by: YWB | October 18, 2007

Belated Eid Mubarak!

Have you ever had a tragedy day before Eid (on chand raat)….I was preparing stuff for chand raat, mom was out with my sister doing some last minute shopping. I cleaned everything up and went to the washroom where I soaked my shirt in detergent and water because there was some stains on my new shirt so I thought might as well wash the whole shirt; even though, mom told me just wash the stain area. But being the smart one, I soaked the whole shirt. After I did all the chand raat preparation I wanted to dry my shirt, I took my shirt out and all the colours were spread all over the shirt. I was in complete shock because this was the shirt I was suppose to wear on Eid and Eid was next day.

For some apparent reason I don’t have white dress, I always wanted to have one but couldn’t find/get one except for this one so I thought I am gona wear it on Eid. I kept on thinking of what can i do to fix it….i took bleach with water and try to put on the areas where the pink colour was spread…. but it didn’t help. Mom and sister came home as usual mom reacted that she told me not to wash the whole shirt but i don’t listen.
Than my sister came in my room and went through my closet. I had many new dresses that i bought from Pakistan but you know how it is when you have your mind is set. I have already selected jewellery, churian, makeup and everything and than everything was messed up. My sister took out this black dress with makash with kondan on it and insisted me to wear it. Well it was nice and I really liked the work on it. So i wore black with maroon touch.

After a while my friends came over and we all went to this place where Pakistani community organized chand raat. It was quite some fun….some girls were putting mehndi on for $5, food stales, dresses and jewellery stales was there… was so crowded. When we came home we put mehndi on each other’s hand and copied some designs that we saw in the stales *evil grin* strengthened and curled each other’s hair. I left ironing for morning because when everyone left it was 1 in the morning so I went to bed.

I had an alarm for 7 in the morning but I turned it off and went back to sleep and woke up again at 8am. I quickly rushed to the laundry room to iron but I saw mom ironing her dress. While I was standing there my brother came with his Shalwar kameez *me with a surprise look on my face* “wow are you gona wear stalwart kameez?”
He kinda ignored my surprise look and answered calmly. “Yeh” He never wore stalwart kameez but after his Pakistan visit he bought really nice stalwart kameez so now he started wearing it on juma namaz and different occasions and he look really handsome in stalwart kameez. We both were standing in the queue when my sister came along with her dress which also needed ironing. Everyone usually iron there dresses on chand raat but on this Eid no one did. Well quickly finishing ironing we all started getting ready dad and brother was ready and was calling us.

We all went to the mosque for Eid namaz. After namaz I wished and hugged my mom and sister and than my cousins and friends. We had our breakfast there with keer and other stuff. Me and my friends started taking pictures. Than my little cousin came in and told me that dad is calling us some of his friends wants to come to our house so we need to go home. I was planning to take my whole family to the studio to take a family picture. It is so sad that the last time we took a family picture was 3 years ago. Well that doesn’t mean we are never together or we never took any picture together. We did but those are just picture we took ourselves. I wanted to have a pic taken by a professional and I have already told everyone but….

My khala and her family was over for the whole day and we had a blast with my brother and cousin cracking jokes, played so many games. Nano, mamo and khala called us from Pakistan and wished us. Mom and khala was preparing lunch and us cousins were trying to get as many eidi from uncle, khala, mom and dad. After lunch some of mom’s friend came so we cousins decided to go out. We spent the whole afternoon outside. I stopped at my friend’s places for a while with my sister and cousin while my brother and cousin waited for us in the car (becahare 😉 hehehehehe). We spent rest of the evening watching tv, there were some really good programs on this time. Usually they put music concerts on eid day which is so boring.

The 2nd day of eid, our whole family went to khala’s place and spend the whole day there. My mom and khala went to there friends while we were ruling the house the whole time. We called Pakistan and UK and talk to everyone and wished everyone.

Alhumdolilah I had quite a blast



  1. Belated Eid mubarak to you too. Glad to know that you had so much fun.
    We already knew that you cant cook but now we know that you cant wash clothes either 😛
    Kitni sughar aur kama karnay wali eastern larki hain aap 😛
    It’s really sad to hear k no one wants to be in a picture with you 😛 😀
    Anyways 🙂
    May every Eid bring you more and more happiness and may you always have a smile on your face (ameen) 🙂

    PS: You said ou called everyone in Pakistan, i didnt get any calls 😦 😛
    PPS: And what exactly did you mean by the “chicken” bit??

  2. Eid Mubarak to you also. That was quite a storu.

  3. Eid Mubarak ……
    I did have a blast too,but not much compared to the way i did before moving to Ontario …. 🙂

  4. Belated eid mubarak. Its never too late!

  5. first of all i havent read the post as yet, i hafta, but itna bara post dekh kr mujhey chakkar aa gaye so i am here to share my chakkar pehle, then ok now i am going to read it, farewell chakkar-less world and chakkar-less logoon

  6. ok as yet i have read first three paragraphs n i couldnt help myself laughing but unsurely i am trying to kill my laughters becus i am in office n my partner collegue is sleeping on his table its 6:40 of the morning na, aik dosray ko mehndi laganay pr mujhey hasi ayi hai ndil chah raha hai k moh phaar phaar k hasoon, hahahahahahaha
    ok unable to understand couple of words out of these 3 paras, makash and kondon?
    i am going to read the rest…

  7. kitni kind ho na naam count krwanay mai k nano khala phuppo taya mamu etc called u from pak and u didnt call anyone? kanjoos

  8. lolzzzz in the end finally u called to pak as well but from khalas house,poor khala jab bill aye ga na to lag pta jana hai.heheh that was a nice one, and believe me dil chah raha hai k mai bhi eid pr posting shosting kroon 🙂 chal no problem, let bakra eid be come now…

  9. i remember when i was a child and use to study in 3rd 4th grade v used to write such paragraphs on EID DAY or HOW U SPEND UR EID….hehehhe
    rocking!!!! gal u got 10 out of 10

  10. Envious because of your happening EID…i was away from home and it was the worst one ever….next EID i go home…Inshallah!!!

  11. Thank God you had a nice time.
    Kisi toh Eid achi howi:P

  12. Sha: yeh i did call you but the person who picked up the phone said “Mental Hospital how may i help you?” so i just hung up 😛 hehhehe

    JahanDost: a very very late Eid mubarak to u as well do keep coming 😀

    Maryam: yeh for some reason past is always pleasent than present

    Karl uncle thx for giving me 10 bata 10 😀

    Sha: yeh i did call you but the person who picked up the phone said “Mental Hospital how may i help you?” so i just hung up 😛 hehhehe

    JahanDost: a very very late Eid mubarak to u as well do keep coming 😀

    Maryam: yeh for some reason past is always pleasent than present

    Karl uncle thx for giving me 10 bata 10 😀

    UTP: aawwww chalo koi baat nahi yeh eid na sahi nxt eid….. hope u have a wonderfull eid 😛 n u shouldnt say worst eid….it jst doesnt sound rit to me…..think of the blessings of Allah

    Falsa: hhmmm u seem to be a new reader….. well thx for stoping by ma blog….
    wat u mean kisi ki eid tu achi hovi???
    ap ki achi nahi guzri 😦

  13. ppheewwww that was a long reply 😦
    hope aab tu app log kush hon ga ke main ne reply kea

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