Posted by: YWB | October 24, 2007

Good News!

I have a good news 😀
I have got admission in business’s best university which is known as 2nd best university in my province.

yeehhhhhh 😀

*doing loodi with the steps of pangra dance plus some of italian steps*



  1. wow.. congratz!!

    which university?

    btw u r tagged!

  2. business ki best university tumharay province ki snd best … tuk nahi banti 😛

    Par thats great bohat mubarak ho – allah kamiyaabiyaan day, inshah allah.

  3. mental university for non-humans, n c abhi admission hua nahi abhi say dauray perna shru

  4. Congratulations:)

  5. Raheel: thx its called SFU

    Asma: tuk kyun nahi banti…..humareh province is 2nd best University hai mager business main best hai cuz the UBC is the best uni but it is known for science. hope samaj aa geya ho ga n thanks for u dua 😀

    Karl admission ho geya hai….jalne wale jalte rahain 😛

    Falsa thx 😀

  6. Congratulations! Although, this is long overdue! 😀
    Congrats again!

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