Posted by: YWB | October 29, 2007

over charged

I recieved my cell phone bill couple of days ago. I was shocked to see that i was charged $115 for a month. My bill is usually $48 and i have budgeted myself for $48 but they screwed me up. I gave them a call on wednesday and did talk to a representative for an hour and she promised me she’ll do an investigate on it and give me a call back. I was charged for all the income calls where as my plan included unlimited incoming calls. I never got a call from her. 

I gave them a call today and did talk to another person and after talking to him for an other hour and half he finally fixed my account. Now i have to pay $36, they were over charging me for around $75. These phone companies rip you off. They sometimes add calls in your bill which you never ever made and those calls are international and to the countries which you never heard the name of.

Later Days



  1. Haan abb tu yahii kahogi naa 😛

    U never called me 😦

  2. oh boy1 it’s high time for you to move to Pakistan, quickly nowwwww! khekhekhe

  3. never happened to me, so cant say anything

  4. Hey it happens to me a lot……Can u plz tell thr any plan for free income..I’ll wait for ur reply….I’m in USA..

  5. You should have sued the company for mental trauma =p

  6. Thnx a lot…N i hv sent you invitation.. Now u can C ma blog..Bye

  7. Man…in the US also? Man…

  8. so did made hour long calls to zambia for pvt business?:P lol lol

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