Posted by: YWB | November 19, 2007

(not so) Big Day!

I’ve  got promoted to CIC today. We, 5, officers got promoted today and had a small ceremony. Everyone’s parents and friends were there but i was the only one all by my self. I didn’t invite my friends because i knew they all are busy in exams and some are at work. As for my parents, well it is so dis hearting. I asked dad if he could give me a ride because the place where they were holding the ceremony was really far, i wanted to go on train it would’ve taken me about 2 and half hr to get to the place. So my dad agreed that he is going to drop me, in the morning he asked mom to come along with him. All the way to that place mom was trying to do my brain washing.

Mom and dad want me to go into law school after i finish my bachelor and they want me to quit cadets. For some reason they don’t think air cadets could be a career option. Its true that i have joined air cadets because of my personal interest and i didn’t join to make good money or anything. We all know you cant make good money in military. I agreed that i am going to law school after i finish my degree. I don’t mind taking up law as my career besides i am not wasting any of my credits. (In order to apply in a law school, you first have to do a bachelor in any field, which i am doing right now, and than apply to law school.)

My mom first asked me to give them a call and tell ’em that you wont be able to continue cadets and fully concentrate on your studies. I didn’t say a word, all this time i was thinking that today was suppose to be a big day for me, they should congratulate me and wish me but instead……… At one point i told my self i’ll quit just to make my parents happy but i couldn’t. They have no idea how much i have gone through to get to this point. All the paper work, interview after interview, medical checkup than another interview. All those days and nights that i have spend for past 3 years working, sometimes i would go straight from school to work and often i would miss my lunch and wont be able to do dinner till 1 in the morning. Guess your dreams, your ambitions, your devotions doesn’t matter at all. My dad dropped me in front of the Field Regiment building, i was so mad i didnt asked my parents to come with me nor they bother coming with me. I knew they don’t wana come in because they don’t want me to be there in first place.

It was a very old building even the front door was like those big thick wooden doors. I had to rang the bell couple of times before they opened the door, which was odd. One of the officer opened the door and i stepped in, i asked him where the ceremony is being held and he told me to go to the 2nd floor to my right there is a conference room. I took the stairs and went to the 2nd floor. I saw another officer who than asked me to fill out a paper and led me inside the conference room. It was noting like those conference rooms with big windows. As i said the whole building was old, the interior decoration was antic too. It was a huge rooms with old style sofas for guests on one side of the room and on the other side there were chairs. All the officers were socializing, i found my CO there as well who was there because of me. I was the only one getting promoted from his unit so he had to be there.


After the ceremony began i was the 3rd one when they called me. I went there took an oath, given a shoulder flash and signed a paper took some pictures and came back. After the ceremony, all the newly promoted officer had to stay and fill out some more paper work :S. (eeekkk) It took me us more than 2 hours, we had to do measuring for our new uniforms and stuff. After we all finished our paper work, we had a one-to-one interview with an officer. After the interview i came outside of the building where dad was waiting for me. I said sorry to my dad that he had to wait for so long, he was like “no i just came like 5 minutes ago, your mom and i went for shopping.”


I sat in my car, mom didn’t ask anything about the ceremony nor she me. Guess it wasn’t big of the day for me after all. Who cares if i got promoted today to CIC, who cares if i was excited for all this thing till yesterday, who care i am going to be able to wear a blue uniform, who cares i’ll be able to go for courses, who cares after i successfully finish the courses i’ll get promoted to higher rank and most of all who cares what i want!



  1. hey whats a CIC?? whatever it is congratos … hugs and love.

    Aren’t you doing BBA?? why not business; law sucks :\

    And tell you what from ur angle it may seem that your parents are not interested in you. May be you are thinking too much along these lines too. Give it a thought – have a nice talk with them, and I repeat a nice talk no shouting, no quarrels, no nothing. May be they are doing this to assert their point only. I’m cent percent sure they wont like u to do something that has no appeal for you. Its hard to clear up ur own point of view at times; but they do understand.


  2. I care and so do all of your friends 🙂
    Congratulations on becoming CIC ( seems really hard just by reading so it REALLY must be hard becoming one.
    But you’re a fragile girly, you’re not so tough, how did you become one ji??? 😛
    Anyways, bahut bahut mubarak ho. I know i’m not gonna get a treat but i’ll still ask for one so.. Where’s my treat??? :p
    Stay happy friend, don’t be down, keep smiling 🙂

  3. I didn’t know you were Canadian!

    Ah parents – don’t worry about them and don’t think too much of it – people are sometimes set in their ways and at the end of the day the two people you can be sure want WELL for you are your parents.

    ok too philosophical for me… congrats once again on the CIC. Do they give you a gun?

  4. Hmmm, I always thought only my parents are that discouraging about what I want. But you are way stronger than me, because their opinion gets me subconsciously discouraged so I either stop altogether or feel horrible while doing it. However, I have sworn once I am a parent I will let my kids do whatever they want to.. and be happy for them. Other than that I guess you just have to leave with your parentsn ‘priorities’ in life, or another option would be to get married and then wish for an understanding husband who lets you do as you please and supports you. aah.. wishful thinking.

  5. @ wellwisher: what if the husband’s a total anti-support person?? What then?

  6. sorry for spamming 😛

    But plz cut ur nails 😛

  7. hey! congrats dude. and sont feel low you have a long way to go!
    Best of luck

  8. And how do I do that??

  9. Asma, maybe one should start praying for a supportive and understanding husband, otherwise I see the marriage as an unhappy life. Because marriage is supposed to be a friendship too… so I guess praying for the right person is kinda required otherwise it’s more or less gambling.

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