Posted by: YWB | December 22, 2007

Eid mubarak :D


I got up and looked at the time, it was around 7am and i thought to my self i can sleep for 15 more minutes and than I’ll get up and start getting ready so i turned off my alarm . But i didn’t know my 15 minutes going to turn into almost 2 hour. I got up again and asked my sister was time is it she told me its about 8. I left my bed was about to take my dress out of the closet i saw the time it was about 8:59….huh. I started getting my things ready, cleaned my room, did my make up. I wasn’t worried about my hair because i decided today i am not going to strengthen my hair this time i am gona leave my hair as it is all curled. So i just mossed my hair and left it open. I wore this white dress with shocking pink dobata. The one i wanted to wear on last eid but because of a small incident i couldn’t. I wore light blue ear rings cuz my shirt has all different colours so i wore sky blue and shocking pink choriyan and did my eye make sky blue and pink mix.

Eid namaz is always at 10am and I was all ready at 9:50. Dad kept on calling us at the door mom and sister were taking so long. When we were leaving and dad was about to lock the door i remembered i forgot to take a gift that i bought for my friend. Dad was a bit annoyed but i rushed inside and ran to my room, grabbed the gift and ran outside. My friend had to go to work after eid namaz cuz she couldn’t get a day off which kinda sucked cuz we friends were planning a party but cuz of her no body wanted to do anything without her.

This time we rented a bigger place for Eid, it was a well decorated hall really big hall. We managed to get a place in the third row. I was looking around and searching for my friends but it was so crowed there was no way i could find them by just sitting there. Than eid namaz started after eid namaz there was eid kutbah and than dua. After dua i wished mom and rest of my family eid mubarak and hugged them. Than one of my friend came looking for me i huged her and wished her. It was just 5 minutes after when all of our friends were together. Than snacks were served, me and my friends didnt wanted to eat not that we had breakfast but because we knew its gona be same old manu; Pakorah or Samosa with tea. But this time they finally changed the manu, it was gulab jaman and somekind of paties. well i just took a gulab jaman which was really good.

We took some photos and than some more photos. Some photos with our same old poses and some with showing off our hand bags lolsss….. We wanted to take some in the gallery but when we all went outside we saw guys hanging around so we came inside, couldn’t take any photos with out doing pardah and with our dobatahs on our head and in half pardah, i dont think photos would turn out that good beside phir loog kehta etni keya mosibat ahi hovi hai ke yahan hi par photos lo.

It was about 3rd call from dad on my cell than i had to find out mom and tell her that dad wants us to come out. I didn’t wanted to go so asked my to ask dad if he could wait a little. Dont know what mom said but all i care about is we manage to stay. Met some old friends who were out of country/got married and moved out of the city/sick and recovered/busy with work. It was so nice to see them all after a long time its so hard to see them now as our jamaat is divided up into halqas. So each halqa has now rented a small place where they do namaz and other religious related programs. Before we use to do everything together than way we could meet everyone but now its rare.

Khala called us and asked us to come to her place this time. Before khala use to spend the first day of eid on our place and than 2nd day we go to her place. We didn’t mind spending first day at her place, so mom told her we’ll come to her after a while. So we came home gave gifts to everyone, opened our gifts. I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING from my brother and even he told me that neither he is gona give anyone anything and nor he wants anything from anyone. He was i am short on cash and beside i don’t wana give anything to anyone. i was really mad, i gave him loads and loads of lectures. At the end i told him well i am still gona give him a gift. So when we all exchanged our gift my bro brought this big bag from his room and opened it. First thing that came in my mind was he is just playing one of his pranks, he must have raped my old stuff in gift rap and is just gona give us that. He gave everyone their gifts. Me and ma sisters were so scared to opened the gifts. I was like to my sister, “i am not gona open my gift first, you do it.” When she opened her gift, it was zola’s electric water filter and food container with a “battery wala mouse”, my sister was so happy. Me and my sister went to buy it but it was around $200 so we didn’t buy it.  ( NOTE TO GH: i guess my brother took your advice on ‘chabi wala mouse’ hehehehehe ) Than i opened my gift, it was media card for my cell phone which i wanted to buy for so long but couldn’t. I was actually really happy. Dad got this really cool watch which mom wanted to give him for Eid gift but when me and mom were looking around in one of the stores, they all sold out because of the xms. Mom got a diamond neckles and she was completely in shock just like us.

The rest of the day we spent in khala’s place, than my mom’s and khala’s friend came with her family. We came home really late.   Now I have to run downstares cuz my khala is over with her family and it looks really rude if i just ignore her and sit here in front of the computer beside mom just called me twice. So i am off now…..

Eid mubarak and Eid huggies for everyone 😀



  1. awww, i hope your having great time!

    Khair Mubarak btw 😛

  2. Am in a bit of a hurry rite now, just came to see if you had updated and I’m so glad that you did 🙂
    Anyways, will read your LONG post wen I come back again. Eid Mubarak to you and your family, enjoy and have loads of fun 🙂
    Missed your posts friendo, keep posting. take lotsa care and keep smiling 🙂

  3. Thank you friend… for everything 🙂

    PS: If the template reflects your mood, then its really lovely and may your mood always remain like this.

    PPS: Eid Mubarak to you too. take lotsa care

  4. Looks like you had fun! 🙂

    Eid Mubarak!

  5. Oh khudaya … ayna khuch tay au wii akelay akelay =(

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