Posted by: YWB | December 29, 2007

Most Random!

Well can you guess what time is it without looking at the bottom where it tells you what time this post was posted. okey fine! its about 3am. Now the question is what the hell am i doing this late on the net. Before your mind starts wonder around i’ll tell you. I was on the bed about 11pm but i got a call from a friend of mine so we started talking and talking than hanged up at 1:30 because we both had to get up in the morning for work. I have work tomorrow at 10:30 and she has at 9am.

I turned off the lights and tried to sleep, listened to some songs, played solitaire game on my ipod for 10+ times huh but still cant go to sleep. I got up to turn on the fan…..even though its about 3C right now. Still after turning on the fan still no luck. I get really stressfull when i cant go to sleep specially if i have to get up early morning for something.  So to relax myself i took out cuticle remover and did french manicure. YEH at 3am i am doing my nails, i removed it twice because i didnt like the colour.

Damn its about 3:30 now, i wana sleep…….but cant 😦

i am singing a lullaby lolsss

“nediya re nediya ankoon main aa ja

ankoon main aa ke sapnoo main chaa ja

nediya re nediya ankoon main aa ja

ankoon main aa ke sapnoo main chaa ja”

okey i am gona try one more time………

Later Days!



  1. Oh hooo. Ahmm Ammhummm

    Sub khariat hai na??? Neend na aana, raatoon ko jaagna aur gaanay gaana???

    All okay gee?? :p

    PS: You know na k ratoon ko kaun jaagta hai?
    Aashiq, Beemaaar, khuwaar, Chowkidaar and Ullu :p

  2. chalo ji baat hi katam ho gai…..

    esa kuch bi nahi hai jesa ap soch rahe ho 😀

  3. May be you were trying a little too hard to fall asleep!

    Next time, just grab a book of your least favourite subject!

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