Posted by: YWB | January 5, 2008


They say your secrets are best kept to yourself so I kept it to myself. But the burden of this secret is too much to carry it around and sometimes i wish from deep down my heart…..but than not all wishes come true….right?

Some of you might suggest to me that i should share it as sharing might make me feel a bit lighter. But I did share it with some close friends of mine…well if i say x-friend, i won’t be doing any injustice to them. Well after sharing my secret, which ofcourse i did after they forced me to, their behaviour changed drastically. So ever since i promised my self i am never going to tell anyone about it. Than why i am ranting about it here if i dont wana share it with anyone? Well its simple….i need to take it out somewhere so i guess this is the best place….and beside …**cencered sentence**… nevermind i am just being really harsh today.

PS to myself: Today things have taken a very sharp turn and i am clueless to what i am suppose to do.



  1. I wont say Do what your heart says; sometimes conscious and mind is necessary than heart!

  2. and wat if ur heart doesnt say anything at all n nor ur mind

  3. abb khuch tu karo khud bhi X-(

    And i didnt say Do what your heart says … think logic and do that .. luvzzzzzzzzz!

  4. Burry it in the back of ur head and try to stop thinking about it. It’ll only make You Stronger and capable of keeping more secrets 😉

    Writing (and talking, this case is exceptional) is a good way to get things out!

  5. never keep ny secrets, just chill, forget it all. Secrets promote us to feeling bad when some1 discloses it so why to keep secrets in the 1st place? And whats the point crying over the issue nw? Its all over so forget it, do u wanna take all yr secrets to yr grave??

  6. u guys dont understand……some secrets r going to live wid u and there is no way i can put it in the bck of ma head n forget abt it…..
    cuz everyday i’ve been realized by some people unintentionally….

    nevermind….i cant explain it to u

  7. When I had a big secret, I thought spilling it out would create a chaos in the world around me. I told it to a friend, and he had to be treated with mind breaking medicines. I changed the way of saying it all, and today I have a blog about that secret.
    Its in the way you say it, not what you say.

  8. but what happened?

  9. Maybe you choose the wrong person to share your secret.

  10. You’re right. Logically, they call them secrets because they are best kept inside. But there’s always this temptation inside to tell someone who you think will care. There’s really no right or wrong answer to whether you should tell, or who you should tell.

    Anyway, go listen to this song, it is BOUND to make you feel better 🙂 Really hope it does.

    Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

  11. Urdu…yaar time hi nahin milta k poori post urdu main convert karon. I know bohat sare logon ka roman urdu likhne ka style different hota hai ise liye perhne main mushkil bhi hoti hai magar main Roman Urdu likhne main ziyada comfortable feel kerti hon. Kabhi bhi, kahin bhi, kuch bhi jaldi se change ker sakti hon.

    a Big Shukriya, mairi tehreer perh ker, pasand aur comment kerne k liye….

    Waise I have another idea for you to get rid of your secret. I run a community on Orkut called Con-Fashionz! Here is a link to that….

    Confess whatever u want to with your name or anonymously in Start Confessing topic. Everyone will read your confession but no one will judge you by any means. Feel free to join it or reject the invitation. No Pressure 😉 And Don’t Worry too much because….

    ιи тнє ¢ιту σf ѕαιитѕ & ѕιииєяѕ, ‘єνєяувσ∂у’ ιѕ gυιℓту σf ѕσмєтнιиg…

    = رنگِ حیات

  12. when i have something i need to spill, i just go get wasted. Life’s good 😀

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