Posted by: YWB | January 20, 2008

Anothe semester!

This is going to be my last semester insallah. I got admission in a university last semester but i couldn’t get any classes, for 2 of my classes i was on the waiting list. So i decided insteaded of waiting to get into the class i would rather take classes in my current university college, atleast i’ll be sure if i am getting any classes or not. 

This is the thing i dont like about this university, if the class is full then you’ll be on a waiting list and you can only get a class if someone else decides to drop the course. As for the university-college i am in right now, we have a bit different system. If someone drops a course we have to wait 24 hr before we can take that paticular course which makes your life a bit easier.

Usually i take about 2 or 3 courses in a semester and for past couple of semester i could only take 2 courses at a time as my university-college wasn’t offering the courses i wanted to take so i end up taking only 2 courses.

I took a semester off from cadets and now i am back. This semester i am taking 5 course: Statistic, Intermediate Economics, Accounting, Marketing and Photography. Also I had another job 3 days a week. It was pretty stressfull, as i had classes starting from 8am and than some classes would end at 10pm.  Its difficult to get up early in the morning and go to bed early to get up early…… :S

Well i quit one job and now i am concentrating on my studies and cadets. 3 weeks ago i got a phone call from my unit, they told me, my uniform has arrived and i’ll have to come to the unit to pick it up. I went there and when me and one of the supply officer opened those big boxes and looked at the things, it was XXLarge. :S hellooo do i look like even large……

I sent my perfect measurments but i don’t know what happened. Well we had to send that back with my measurements. Last week my unit recieved my uniform and this time some of the things were okey but other things still large. We had a weekend excercise but i didn’t go because of my personal reasons “Life is hard Being a girl is hard”. I could see my CO is kinda annoyed. I had to go for a BOQ course on 21 Feb. but i couldn’t go. Its because the course is about 12 days long and that means i am going to miss 12 days of school. Taking 5 courses and missing 12 days is alot, there is no way i would even pass any course. I tried expaining him the situation but he was like ‘why don’t you take 4 courses’.  He told me the next time they are going to offer this course is in May but it is going to be a bit intense. Why? He explained me but i didnt really get it. I dont know what am i gona do.



  1. hehe wish u all the best…certainly its hard to balance things but with all your ambitions and stuff im sure you gona just do great!!

    btw lovely header pic!

  2. Its the stock header pic. 😛

    About the post, don’t you love the old saying that girls should not get education, instead get married asap and wash nappies. 😛

  3. Dont mind the kind of thoughts reflected above ://

    BTW I read BBQ instead of BOQ 😛

    chalo dua karo allah say … try to give your best in … in fatc more time in to studies .. something will come up, inshah allah !

    My best 🙂

  4. Did you manage to sleep? 😛

  5. ok shez not replying, u all have been really mean to her. so sad!

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