Posted by: YWB | January 23, 2008

Messed up

As always i started my semester with a promise to my self. I am not going to leave anything for the last minute. So this time i actualy started my Photography assignment 4 days before it was due. We had to take 24 shots of any still object and do the readings of darkest shadow and highlights. Me and this other girl decided we’ll meet up on Friday and will start on this assignment. We disscussed and explained to each other what we have to do and how we do meter reading. We both were confused and knew we both know how exactly it works. So we decided to give our teacher a call. I called her office but no one was picking up, than we sent her an email. I met my friend and i started talking to her and than two of her friends came and than in her convo. i found out she took a photography course last semester with the same teacher that i have. I asked her what i was confused about. They both explained me really well.

 I went home and started collecting things for which i wanted to take a photo of. I took about 15 when i ran out of ideas….. 😦 i dont know whats going on, I am not creative anymore.  I took a big piece of fruit cake and started watching “Taare Zameen par” movie. It was an olrit movie.

On monday i had a quiz for Accounting and on tuesday i had a quiz for Intermediate Economics so i started studing for it on Staturday. On sunday i was on the net @ 10pm when i recieved my photography’s teacher’s email. I was so mad for the fact that she replied me so late and i was almost done with my assignment. She explained the whole process and i found out that i took all the photos wrong. There is no way i could hand that in and get even passing marks. Now i have to do the whole assignment once again.

I have to go to cadets now, have to get there by 7pm and wont be home till 11pm 😦 ……it sucks sometimes but can’t complain.



  1. awwww

  2. I am sure it must be very frustating, But one day when inshallah you will finish your entire course, You would feel good about that. Let that feeling fuel you a bit …………. 😀

  3. Hahah!

    That’s why you’re never supposed to ask a teacher how to do something 😛 Remember Hazrat Moosas story, about the golden cow? 😛

  4. Man! You have to take snaps for assignments? Why didn’t I have courses like that? 😦 I love photography…

  5. Tauqeer: thx (no idea wat to reply to ur awww)

    Maryam: u r ritbut its so overwhemling sometimes n i cant wait to finish dis semester

    Absar: aarrryy waa luk whoz here
    lolss @ ur comment well in one way u r rit n in other wat if u dont n get a big fat 0 😦 than wat

    Stinger: u mean Woman? rit lolsss
    yeh we do hav to take shots for an assignment….its a photography course…. i love it but it needs lots and lots of time 😦 which is too much specially wen u r taking 5 courses
    hey mayb u can help me in photography i would really appreciate 😀

  6. Sure… I took image processing etc in my engineering, so i have an idea from technical side as well…

  7. so like when do we see thy work posted ?

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