Posted by: YWB | January 29, 2008

Totally Useless!

This conversation was between this girl i know *and i don’t have anything good to say about her…dont know why i dont like her* and another asian girl whose a bit co-co *co-co as in mental….i don’t know if it really is a word*

I was sitting in the LC of my university studying for statistic…..LC is a place where you can work on computers, study, talk to your friends or get help on any subjects from tutors for free, our university pays ’em. I don’t wana get carried away with praising my university :P.

Girl who I know (lets call her A): “heyyyy……. how are youuuu? *u know how some gals talk…eeeeerrr annoying and then she hugs this asian girl* (if you know me, you would also know i DO NOT like asian ppl at all except for 1 person, whose ma best friend)

CoCo *thats wat i think* Asian Girl: heyyyyy *with a surperize look on her face* (k i was noticing all this because these two girls were so loud and i was so bored of studying for statistic exam….

A: “where have you been? i didnt see you for a long time?”

CoCo: “i was here taking courses….where were you?”

A: “Me too…..k give me your msn… you use facebook?”

* well A is the kind of person who asks for msn id to almost everyone she talks to*

CoCo: “yeh….whats ur id? let me add u too”

so both of these girls go to there computers and add each other….

2 Min Later:

Girl: “aaaawwwww thats so sweet…thx”

CoCo: “:D” *had a bigest smile on her face…*

Girl: “hey its ur birthday today?”

CoCo: “yeh *again with big smile* :D”

Girl: *walks up to her and hugs her* :/ ……..

Girl: *walks bck to her computer* *typing* Did you get it?

CoCo: “aawwww thxxx….k wait i’ll write something too”

At this point i felt like saying……you girls need to grab a life …. seriously :S

—— Later in the afternoon! ——

I was siting in LC with my cousin and friends and we were cracking jokes… know sometimes its so much fun when you know urdu and most people around you have no clue what you are talking about. We were talking about a guy who came to LC and sat behind us.

Friend: “yeh humesah yahan hi kyun behtata hai :S”

My cousin: han kyun ke us ke paaas dabah hai es leya behta hai yahan…..

Me and friend: Dabah???

Cousin: Yeh… english wala dabah…..

Me n Friend: *whispered* box

Cousin: *whispered back and shaking her head in disappointment* nahi laptop

Well this girl who i mentioned about in the beginning saw us and waved at us… she came closer to us she started fixing her hijab and pulling down her shirt…..and i felt like saying….*aur necheh nahi hogi…baas kar do…. :S*

I don’t understand why people as in girls who usually wear hijab in school or work will end up uploading photos of them self on facebook and in all different poses and of course those poses without hijab and not to mention that they have male friends added too who can also see there photos.

And then she went on and on about how she forgot her cell at home and she had to use LC’s phone to talk to her friend who just broke up with her bf. I told her do something that is going to make you feel better….and then she copied all the dialogue from “Jab We Met”….she was like “I told my friend take a picture of him and rip it in small pieces. Then i asked her how do you feel now? She replied i am actually feeling much better”.

Me and my friends were so bored of her story and we were never interested in her friend’s breakup story anyways.

My friend *i jst love her for what she said* she cuts her off and says: oh you just copied it from a movie “jab we met”

Girl: “What……What movie” *confused look*

Friend: “Jab We Met….in the movie they said the same thing”

Girl: “I dont know about it….i didnt watch it…..i was saying it to her cuz my friend once told me.”

Pause …. Pause….

Girl: k guys i have to go now ….




  1. i felt like saying….*aur necheh nahi hogi…baas kar do…. :S*…. LOLLLLLLLL.

    Well about hijab….my observation is that here many people wear it as mark of their culture so that others can differentiate that they belong to the muslim clan ( like indians use to wear 2/3 feathers ) …as they say ” hiya tou aankhon mein hoti hai” 🙂

  2. Uh.. you were right… this really _was_ useless 😛

    Lol @ the MSN and FB story! 😛

  3. Man.. You guys are so mean. 😛

  4. achi observation hai

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