Posted by: YWB | February 4, 2008


Well nothing interesting happened lately except for i tried exposing my 2 rolls (36 exposiour) of negatives and after spending like 3 hours, it turned out nothing….a big fat NOTHING 😦

When i was in the middle of the process of exposing my negative, the water temperature was droped down so i had to run down the hallway with a stainless steel container which looked similar to ‘dechaki’ that we can find in our kitchen. I had go to Girl’s Washroom to get warm water, came back running, added some cold water to bring water temperature to 68 degree. 

But after so much work, my negatives didn’t even turn out at all. I threw both rolls in the garbage and went to the library and emailed my teacher and than came home. Now i had to do another 2 rolls in about 2 days and unforunatly we had snow so it was close to impossible to get perfect shots in snow as i am doing Black & White Photography. I came home, did my zuhar namaz and was about to have my lunch when i thought i should check my mails. My teacher emailed me back suggesting to read a chapter on troubleshooting and asked me to bring those rolls to next class. I quickly got my self ready and left for school :S again. Went to the developing room and went to the garage where i threw my films and there i found it all covered with dust and wrinkeled.

Now i have already done taking 1 roll of film and 15 exposures for the other one. I just cant get normal results because of the weather these days. I left the house in the evening after zuhar namaz to get some shots but by the time i finished shooting around my house sun was already seting, so i had to come home. I am planning to insallah take some shots in University tommorrow and expose and develop it tommorow and will insallah upload it here. 😀



  1. do u have to have old fashioned camera pictures for your assignments?

  2. Man!!! Cool assignments you got. Do tell me when you have digital photography in assignments…

  3. Touqeer: yeh we HAVE to use Pentax K1000 cameras with black & white films (TriX400) got no choice on that…..

    Stinger: yeh it sounds cool but wen u start doing it tu phir laag pata jata hai…. this couse is only on manual cameras not on digital so we r not gona do any assignments on digital photography…..

  4. to top it all off….. it started snowing in da morning….
    i was planning to finish up my 2nd roll but i guess i’ll have to do it in snow 😦 which is not good at all :S cuz its really really bright 😦

  5. Nashukri 😛

    Kiya lag patta jaata hay bhalla … na huay humaray koi aisay courses 😦

  6. Your life sounds so interesting.. I wish I could take pictures, instead of cramming 😦

  7. lol, gher mai table per kuch fazool chezien rekh ker unki pics lai lo… 😛

  8. ji ji Touqeer i have already done it 8) i am smart too 😀

    and guys i have developed all my negatives i am going to upload it tonight or tomorw insallah 😀

    hang in there

  9. well best of luck with the assignment 🙂

  10. I may not be the best person to talk about photography but whats the big problem in black & white photography when its snowing? You have pretty much got half of the work covered? Get it? Snow? White? 50% of black & white?

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