Posted by: YWB | February 5, 2008

First Try!

Yesterday, i spent whole day exposing and developing these 2 rolls. It didn’t really come out as good because of the bad light condition and also for so many of the pictures i forgot to focus 😦 *come on there is not only one thing that you have to keep in might taking photo….there are about 4 things that you have to fix before taking picture which just totally screws you up if you forget one thing*

The first one is taken yesterday in my University. It just started snowing an hour before i took these photos but everything is already covered with snow. By that time i was actually thinking how am i going to walk home :(.


In my Uni

Day before yesterday, I went for a walk….there is a really nice pound with colorful ducks just a minute walk away from my house. I saw some kid’s old shoe on the road i took picture of that too…. By the time i started taking photos of ducks, sun started setting thats why i didn’t get good results for last photos.

near my house

The following photos are my very first roll. I took these photos inside my house, so even though i turned on all the chandileirs and all other lights, removed blinds but it didn’t really help.

Inside my house



  1. i like the concept of many of the above pics , dont you have a flickr space?

  2. From the ones you took at home, I like the 7th one the best. I’m sure 3rd one will come out really fine too but can’t say much looking at the negatives… I don’t know the ABCs of photography, you see. 😛

    The negative of the first picture looks like a chocolate cake. Anyway, I hope the weather gets better. And do post the final results. 😀

  3. I am like totally lost. So what’s going on here?

  4. Amina: lolss first thx for stoppin by
    well i had to do this assignment for ma photography class n ma blog readers wanted me to upload the photos…… dats all

  5. wow…nice work!! I love snow, i love pictures…i love snow ki pictures….uff only if i would plz plz plz snow in texas!!!

  6. okay, nice work.

    -I dont see any colourful ducks in your pictures at all-

    -And who is that lovely lady in your pictures-


  7. Fairydust: aawwww did u ever consider moving 😉 to alaska? hehehehe

    Touqeer: yeh its b & w thats y 😦 do u see small dots thingys in da last row….those are ducks lolsss click on it to see it properly…..
    and that lovely lady is one of ma frd….

  8. hehe

  9. Good try Khawab 🙂 … I think first roll is better as we have a strong contrast..and the frame is good too. I like the one with two tea cups. What camera do you have?.
    Use tripod and then start to play with shutter speed & at a time..and check the results. Now a days many of the ‘wow’ pics are done in Photoshop 😛

  10. thx Zios…..yeh the first roll is the one that i took pics of random stuff inside the house…..and those cups are actually candles (pretty neat han)

    i am using Pentax K1000 camera wid TriX400 film…..pretty old camera arnd 40 yrs 😡
    but our teacher wants us to use this camera to get the hang of da basic stuff….

    yeh somebody else also recommended tripod to me…. i am thinking of it

  11. Oh yah kiya I thought I had commented here :/

    itni acchi tu hain .. I liked the clock one the most 🙂

    The cart one’s so nice too .. I remember taking pics from our canon – oldy goldy model – setting speed, aperture, light and all … waah kiya din thay woh bhi 🙂

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