Posted by: YWB | February 11, 2008

Gal Sun!

Listening to this song and in love with it! My itune shows i have listened to this song for about 1072 times 😮 wow



  1. this song is quite old now…like more than a year!

  2. yeh i know…..but i still like it
    koi problem hai

  3. 😛

  4. haan is singer se mai jeolous hun 😀

  5. aaayyeee
    kyun kyun
    etna cute tu hai….. es ne keya begara hai ap ka ??

  6. heheh…and I thought at first glance it was a Humaira Arshad – Gal Sun hehe…silly me…

  7. lol lol humaira arshad se to payara hi hai bichara:D

  8. 1072 times … ahem ahem 🙂

  9. At 1 min 30 secs iska saara sur khatam hogaya hay 😉

    Actually your state of mind keeps you hooked to one or two songs … Ahh we crazy humans 🙂

    So any news 😛

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