Posted by: YWB | February 15, 2008

Kraziest Week!

This past week had been so hard for me, I don’t know how long its going to take till I catch up with all my sleep, food 😉 * lolss* oh and most important dramas. The good thing is that the whole week dish wasn’t working and today dad fixed it. So I can go home and watch TV again * hahaha for some reason this sound so bizarre*

My past week had been so crazy and I am not even joking about it. On Monday I had an accounting exam at 7pm so I started studying on Friday cuz I don’t get time to study during the weekday. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday I spent on Accounting * I am aiming to get A in this class that’s why otherwise I would never spend that much time :S * So I was planning on studying for Econ on Monday. Oh but wait on Friday I went to my university to develop the film and called mom so she could keep the car today cuz I had to go for shooting. I had to finish up one more roll of film. Eventually I found out that she totally forgot and dad took the car.

So I had no choice than stay home and study for accounting. Than on Saturday I went with my sister and my cat zola to this park which is like an hour’s drive away from my house. I took really good shots, some kids were there practicing I think they were in track and field. So I took shots of them reaching the finish line. It did started raining when we got there but I had to finish up the whole roll so I kept on taking shots. I came back in the car and started rewinding it and the film broke inside, I didn’t know until I opened it up. I had no choice to open it up and see.

I had to take another roll and shot all those scenes again but this time those kids were gone 😦 I came back to the campus and developed those 2 rolls it. I only got 4 images because the rest of the roll was exposed to light.

Than on Sunday i had to work on Statistic assignment which was due on Tuesday. So as i was saying on Monday evening i had Accounting exam came home at around 10 started studying for my Inter. Economics’ exam which was next morning at 12. This exam was in my other campus which is like an hour’s drive 😡 my 2 hrs are just wasted on traveling. I hardly slept for like 4 to 5 hours and went to school, did my exam. I came back to my home campus started working on my photography project from 4pm till 8:30pm. Rushed to the library, printed off some slides for marketing class because dad called me and told me that he could give me ride to work. I wanted to print these marketing notes slides so whenever i get time at work i can skim through it which i never did. *another story behind it…will post later on*

I came home at around 11, had my dinner went back to my room started studying for Statistic exam which was on Thursday. The next day was Wednesday, in the morning i asked my sister if she can be my model and i can take some shots of her. She was like if you print these photos of me and i can put it in my room, i was olrit with it. I told her to get ready in semi formal attire and i went to the store to get some roses. Took her photos, went to school started working on them in the dark room after developing ’em.

I had to present my work in front of the whole class and than the whole class critiqued. I got some good feedback, one of my photo which i printed at the last minute, the whole class and including teacher loved it.
I’ll soon post those 4 photos.

I came home at around 9pm, started studying for statistic’s exam and took 10 minutes nap between studying. I had the exam, the next morning at 8am. This is the only exam i think i bombed it, i am worried like hell right now. I was so stressed out that i even skipped my Inter. Econ class which was in this other campus. I came home did my breakfast and started studying for marketing exam which was in the evening. It wasn’t that hard, and i think i did pretty good in that.

Tomorrow i have planned to go play tennis with my friends, all of them finished there exams this week so we all gonna play and relax a bit. Volleyball tournament is next Friday, i missed last couple of weeks practice, i have to catch up on that as well. If we win this than we will be playing at regional level and from there we are going to play against Calgary team.

*I am so tired to edit this post….so bear with me! 



  1. Missed dramas? hehehhe…what is the world coming to? A busy week is positive news…as an idle mind is the DEVIL’s workshop hehhe…all the best…with the desires for A’s.

  2. itni long post…..well waitin for the pics:D

  3. I waste two hours every day. Doesn’t this make you feel any better?

    Anyhow, good luck with the results. You’ll certainly get an A.. 😛 And would love to see the 4 and more pictures.

  4. to phir pics…?

  5. i will upload as soon as i get it bck frm ma teacher….. n it might take her 2 weeks to mark it eerrrr
    dua karo marks ache ahain

  6. yani k duwayien bhi abhum hi kerien

  7. tu aur keya main karon?

  8. Well! people used to come and say hyllo! and then used to say you forget me and all! and used to ask remind me all the things we did.

    Now coming on to post!


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