Posted by: YWB | February 18, 2008

okey guys i need your help…..

I need to do my final portfolio on some kind of series or sequence?

I have to take 8 photos in a series in other words those 8 photo should connect with each other in any way. For instance, if i do on how people grow up i would first take a photo of a new born baby and start from there and take 8 shots of different age group….young kid a teenage, young adult, adult, old and so on.

Now your turn…..



  1. Okay.. hm… how about a series on evolution? Duhh.. starting with … a human, then .. may be … a gorilla, a monkey.. a smaller monkey.. then… yay, president bush! lol Alright, that wasn’t useful.

    1. You can shoot eight photos depicting the weekday of a school child, or a working man/woman, or a teenager.

    2. You can shoot a series of pictures of meal being prepared. πŸ˜› It’s almost lunch time here!

    3. You can do micro shots of ants working! ^_^ Look for leaf cutter ants!

    Erm, lame. I’ll get back to you with better ideas.

  2. rain

  3. Ahh im late here naa 😦

    What I had in mind was a sot outside from some height of sky and landscape … at different times .. like morning dawn – dusk – night – rain – cloud … πŸ™‚

    so what did u go or now?

  4. What about a guy sitting in the office, shots taken at 1 hour intervals. Every shot is the same, with the guy sleeping at his computer, except the 5th one, where he’s at lunch. What, you tell me that’s not how it happens? πŸ˜‰

    OR you could show the student syndrome! When you have a deadline the next day, you gather with friends to work on it at 6 in the evening. Then you think you have to go for coffee before you start work. After you get back, you feel like yar abhi to coffee pe kar aaye hein, let’s take a break. Then you start discussing cricket/cars/girls. Then you start work, and after 10 mintues, it’s time for dinner. You go out for dinner, then go for sheesha afterwards. Before coming back home you feel a bit sleepy so you get another cup of coffee. THen when you finally get back home, you’re too tired to work and go to bed. You wake up in the morning at 4 and start working on the thing. What do you say? πŸ˜›

  5. those r such a neat idea….n i think there is lot more room to b creative….but u r a bit too late 😦

    i have already picked my topic….but u know wat i am gona use these for my assignments for sure….

  6. did you use lunar eclipse?? was beautiful!

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