Posted by: YWB | February 29, 2008

Yeh i cant think of a title!

This past week was so crazy assignments, quizes and to top it all off i had marketing exam. This is not it 😦 next week i have 2 quizes and 2 midterms worth 20% each. I am going insane…..

 Last week i finally recieved my officer uniform. yep thats right! First they sent me xxLarge i could fit 4 of me the long rain coat and some other stuff 😡 I kept the tie, 6 pairs of winter socks and 6 pair of black socks, long boot, belt, bottons and some other small things. After the supply officer sent back the stuff with my perfect measurements, they again sent me some of the stuff wrong size :x.  *i am not joking* and again i had to send it back with exact measurements.

So last week i finally got almost all the things, i am still waiting for the hijaab which they are gona send me soon and for time being i am using my sister’s blue hijaab which luckily matches my air force blue uniform. This week at work i learned how to wear a tie and how to actually make a knot on the tie i dont even know what its called and GIRLS trust me one worst thing to wear is a tie. All my sympathies are with you guys who have to wear tie at work and at other places. The other thing i learned was how to polish my shoes. lolsss

I was sitting in the office with the training book open in front of me and trying to learn how to tie a tie. After trying so many times and with no luck i asked one of the officer who showed me how to do it. Than i kept on practicing its still not good than my CO came he taught me.  I went to administration officer and he showed me how to polish my show some tips *Never use a brush instead rap a piece of cotton cloth around your two fingers, lick the cloth and now dap it in the kevi polish and now move it in circular motion on the shoe* Now just imagen if you are using your two fingers to polish your shoes how long it would take you, keep in mind that you want the shine.

Later that night my CO who was a duty officer for that night showed me what a duty officer is responcible for. I am going to be duty officer the following week on tuesday which means i am gona be the last one going home, i have to check everything before dismissing Fsgt.

I have got my first photography assignment back. I got 15.5/20 not bad for the first assignment. I am sure insallah i am gona get better marks in 2nd assignment.

I promise i’ll scan the photos and upload it! 




  1. Congrats on your new level of responsibilities.

    What is a “duty officer”?

  2. ummm…now i m really confused as to what you exactly do? a photographer for the air force?

  3. Haleem: thx for stoppin by…
    duty officer is responcible for staying at work after all the officers and cadets are left except for Fsgts who work under the officer and responcible for checking everything and duty officr than checks if Fsgt did his job properly.

    UTP: lolss no i am not a photography FOR the air force….
    i am taking a photography course in my university and i work for air cadets as a cadet officer
    hope everything is clear now 😛

  4. laiken woh 4 pics???!

  5. yeh insallah insallah kal ya parson tak zaror upload kar don gi

  6. Cadet Officer! Commanding Officer! Duty Officer! Air Force!. How many times i have to come across these words in my life 🙂

    Anyways, nice to meet another Air Force person (this time through blog) 🙂

  7. Duty Officer eh! Cool!
    Duty Officers on our campus were the people to go to when we needed to get a proxy or something 😛 On days that I was too sleepy to go to college, I used to text the DO (he was our class mate), and he’d get me the proxy 😛 How manipulative of me, right? 😉

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