Posted by: YWB | March 7, 2008

Fast Life!

Its seems like someone just hit the fastfarword botton of my life and the weird thing is i am quite enjoying it. 

So i am going to qout a very beautifull hadith to you all.    *searching for hadith in my old blog*

ایک تیری چاہت ہے اور ایک میری چاہت ہے
ہوگا وہی جو میری چاہت ہے
اگر تو نے کر دیا حوالے خود کو اُس کے کہ جو میری چاہت ہے
تو میں دے دوں گا تجھ کو وہ بھی جو تیری چاہت ہے
اور اگر تو چلا اُس پہ کہ جو تیری چاہت ہے
تو میں تھکا دوں گا تجھ کو اُس میں جو تیری چاہت ہے
ہوگاوہی کہ جو میری چاہت ہے

آج ہم میں کتنے لوگ ہیں جو اللہ کی چاہت پہ چلتے ہیں۔

wow i posted this same hadith on March 6 2008 😮 !!!!

 I am actually experinceing this hadith coming true.  I was so confused about my life. I didn’t wanted to giveup my “chahaat” *not in the context which this word is commonly used but for some THINGS i wanted in life* and i couldn’t figure out what to do. So I started praying for Allah’s “chaahat” i said to Him, i dont know what your chahat is but whatever it is you give it to me, i wouldn’t mind give up what is dear to me in exchange of something you like for me.  

Masallah life is getting better and better 😀 and most important thing is that i am happy with everything



  1. Very nice..May Allah keep his Blessings on all of us.

  2. Do u have arabic relation to this hadith??

    And may Allah bless showers of His bounties on you and all of us too 🙂

  3. And lahaul wala 😛

  4. 6th march last year and this year…too…woah…WEIRD!!!

  5. Mashallah girl…this is the faith!.
    Allah bless you with good things in life…:-)

  6. Kewl. Nice to see you happy :D.

  7. Saying of Hazrat Ali(A.S.):

    “I recognized Allah from the breaking of my intentions!”

  8. Contentment is not what you should be looking for. If we were all content with what is, then there would be nothing to look forward to in life. Just be thankful, and keep pushing! 🙂

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