Posted by: YWB | March 12, 2008


Today was my first day of being a duty officer, as i was briefed in my last shift what I am responsible being a duty officer, i thought its not gona be hard. All i had to do was look in Flight sergeant’s binder and check if he finished all his duties and than at the end of the night i had to do an inspection of the whole unit and check if everything is done and than dismiss the flight sergeant.

 While i was talking to the supply officer my CO told me i am duty officer and being a duty officer i’ll have to do the announcement. :O

I was like WHAT? I was in the state of shock and started panicking. I told her i have never taken the charge of the whole squadron and i have no idea how am i suppose to do it.  I tried convincing her if i could observe for tonight and do the announcement the next parade night.  huh but no…. all she did was asked this other officer to brief me on how to take charge and do the announcements.

While i was panicking, this other captain came and tried to relax me and this other officer also started telling me how his 4 years old daughter once took the charge of the whole squadron and when she said left turn, how all of the sudden the whole squadron turned left. lolsss While he was trying to relax me Captain G. was doing the opposite trying to scare me :S though i knew he was joking and than Captain G and this other officer started arguing on how he should scare me and blah blah blah.

All the cadets were asked to fall in and we officers marched int the parade hall. one of the Senior NCO took the power of command and passed it on to the Warrant Officer Khan. Than i march in front of the squadron of 180 cadets and took the power of command from warrant officer and made all the announcements and asked other officer if they want to add anything. Than i passed the power of command back to the warrant officer Khan, who than did his announcements and passed the command to Senior NCO who diss missed the squadron.

That wasn’t it, after the squadron was dismissed, i had to do the inspection and than dismiss flight sergeant but it took the duty flight hour and half to finish up everything they were incharge of.

Our squadron is standing down for two weeks of spring break yeppyyyy 😀 oh wait i just remember i have 3 midterms next week 😦 great….. just great!



  1. Interesting again 🙂

  2. ahan ahan

  3. Is officer Khan meaningful 😛

    And your status is still very vague … khuch samajhnahi aata :\

  4. i welcome you at

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