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The Jewel of Madina an offensive Approch! [Part 1]

jewel of-medina1      I don’t know why but it didn’t surprise me when I heard about the book “The Jewel of Medina”. Time to time we, Muslims, faced false allegations, then there was Satanic Verses, Danish cartoons case, and yet another controversy in the shape of this book, The Jewel of Medina. Even though the author claimed that she wanted to give a better understanding about the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and build a bridge between East and West or maybe she wanted to earn at the expense of Islam and Muslim. Easily and quickly you get money and more fame. To do so, she wrote a romantic novel or a tale of lust, love or should I simply call it “pornographic novel” based on the life of our beloved Umul Momaneen, Hazrat A’ishah (radhiAllahu anha) and tried to changed historical facts to make her book more interesting for reader.

During the cartoon crisis, a Muslim man who sat outside of Danish embassy painting a beautiful picture of Virgin Mary in response to the cartoon. I would like to see responses like that. This is what we are taught by our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). 


I’ll discuss each point in a separately post as it will be a long post and hard to read, so dear readers bare with me.





  •  Hazrat Ayesha (ra) fights against the wives of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), religious prosecution, her own temptations & political rivals.
  • Eventually she learns to love her husband, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and follows his examples.
  • In the end, she becomes one of the most important women in Islam


 Some Problematic Issues in The Jewel of Medina 

  1. Hazrat Ayesha (ra) and the incident of the caravan 
  2. Hazrat Ayesha (ra) featured as a child bride
  3. Hazrat Ayesha and the veil 




Accurate Historical Accounts of the Incident:

1.       Hadhrat Ayesha (ra) and the incident of the caravan


Ø  Known as the Calumny in the Holy Qur’an

Ø  The lot put up the name of Hazrat Aisha (ra) to accompany the Holy Prophet (pbuh) on his journey

Ø  According to historic accounts, Hazrat Aisha (ra) accidentally leaves her bracelet/necklace behind as the Prophet’s caravan gets ready to move. She goes back to fetch it, returning only to find that the caravan had left without her, not realizing she wasn’t in her litter (a box for women to sit on camels) because she was so light. caravan

Ø  Safwan ibn Al-Mu’attal, a man she had hardly ever spoken to, found her and took her home.

Ø  Safwan only recognized her because he had seen her in the days before the Prophet’s wives were told to cover their faces

Ø  Hazrat Aisha (ra) says that she returned to Madinah riding Safwan’s camel while Safwan led the camel, and in some versions, walked behind the camel

Ø  Hazrat Aisha(ra)  was accused of adultery. Holy Prophet (PBUH) asked her about the false accusation against her and she replied, “Sarbrun Jameelon”.  At the same time series of Quranic verses revealed to the Prophet (PBUH).

Ø  “What I had in mind was that God would assure the Holy Prophet of my innocence through some dream or vision. I had no notion that revelation might be vouchsafed to the Holy Prophet in my behalf”.

Ø  “Aisha, rejoice, for God has affirmed your innocence.”




Allah Declares the Innocence of Hadhrat Aisha (ra)


Holy Quran in verses 12 to 21 of Sura Nur

Verily, those who brought forth the lie are a party from among you. Think it not to be an evil for you; nay, it is good for you. Every one of them shall have his share of what he has earned of the sin; and he among them who took the chief part therein shall have a grievous punishment.




False accounts of Hazrat Aisha (ra) in the Caravan According to Jones


Ø  Jones states that Aisha(ra) had been engaged to Safwan Ibn-Al-Mu’attal as a child and was deeply in love with him (God forbid)

Ø  Jones claims that Aisha (ra) made up the story about forgetting her necklace, because she had conspired with Safwan to remain behind and run away with him (God forbid)

Ø  Jones has Aisha(ra) riding into Madinah on a horse with her arms around Safwan’s waist, and her cheek resting against his shoulder (God forbid)

Ø  Scenes throughout the book involve Safwan flirting with Aisha, hugging her, and kissing her (God forbid)




The Ignorance of Jones


Ø  Jones fails to consider the following:

      Hazrat Aisha (ra) was merely chosen to accompany the prophet (PBUH). They would have a draw and whoever’s name come out, she would accompany the Prophet. For Caravan, Hazrat Ayesha’s name came out so she could not have possibly conspired to run away

      The countless incidences proving the piety and purity of Hazrat Aisha (ra)

      Allah Himself declared the innocence of Hazrat Aisha (ra) in the Holy Qur’an



To be continued!

PS: Please don’t support her and fund her by buying her book instead search online for a pdf file or i’ll try to get you an online copy of the book.





  1. excellnt work !! i appreciate it … do send me this link to find this rubbish onlline … so true , the easiest way to have fame n money

  2. I usually never even touch a book like that – I see the cover, the name of the writer, the back details and ut it back because if you touch rubbish, your own hands will get dirty.

    I have no intentions if reading it. Who cares what they do out there? People who defame other religions do it for a vicious intention – to cause reaction – Ignore them and they live and die worthless and unknown.

    Its when you give importance to them that they make fame and money – they are not worth a mention – you must ignore trash in life.

  3. very nice post Zeee … !

    shabash baita!


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