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The Jewel of Madina an offensive Approch! [part 2]

 2.    The Marriage of Hazrat Aisha (ra) 

 Like is the norm in western society, when something cannot be understood or when it is not in conformity to their lopsided understanding or their fallible criterion for right and wrong , then one  will find from them  acute and excessive opposition.


  • Each marriage had a social or political reason
  • Hadhrat Aisha (ra) was married to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) when she was 12 years of age and well matured.
  • Survived past the Holy Prophet’s life and served as a source of instruction to the Muslim world.
  • The Holy Prophet (saw) has said that half of Faith can be learned from Hadhrat Aisha (ra).
  • Hadhrat Aisha (ra) used to refer to the Holy Prophet (saw) with the words “may Allah bless him and grant him peace”.
  • Examine the historical context of the marriage


Life expectancy—another influencing factor

  • short life-spans in Arabia
  • used to live between 40 to 50 years
  • normal for girls to be married off at ages 9 or 10
  • girls were matured at the age of 10 or 12

Early marriages,  a custom before the advent of Islam


  •  Early marriages practised in many other cultures and religions and much before the advent of Islam.
  • Hadhrat Maryam (ra) as a young wife
  • Hadhrat Hajira (ra) as a young wife (Genesis)
  • Hindu customs and laws (Manu IX.94
  • It is imperative that we examine the context in which their marriages or betrothals took place before we make ignorant comments.


False Representation of Purdah in The Jewel of Medina


  • Hadhrat Aisha (ra) is said to resent the veil and think of it as a tool to degrade women
  • Problem found in the Veil is Hadhrat Aisha (ra) resenting the veil.


In Reality

  • Previous revealed scriptures also contain some traces of similar teachings
  • The concept of modesty in the Bible has been repeated many times
  • Both Judaic and Christian traditions have encouraged women to cover their heads.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a Liberator of Women


  • The Holy Prophet (saw) abolished the ritual of female infawomennticide
  • Women living in pre-Islamic Arabia had no rights and were treated like the property of men
  •  The veil is a commandment sent for the betterment of our society and to liberate us as women Hijab is my choice Not Compulsion



 Jones states,

  • Umar Al-Khattab suggests to the Prophet that his women be secluded.
  • Soon after that the verse commonly regarded as referring to the veil (Sura Ahzab, 33:54) is revealed; immediately Umar’s daughter tells Aisha(ra), “my father must have convinced Muhammad [PBUH], after all.“
  • When Aisha(ra)  sees Umar later, she thinks: “Here was the man who’d robbed me of my freedom by convincing Muhammad(pbuh) to make me cover my face.”


In Reality

  • The verse 33 in chapter 54 says:

 “…And when you ask them—the wives of the Prophet—for anything, ask them from behind a curtain. That is purer for your hearts and their hearts…”

  • This commandment is intended to discourage too much familiarity between the sexes, applying to all women.
  • What is true freedom?
  •  Does covering up ones face deprive one of freedom?


3.    Hazrat Aisha’s r.a. Personality 

  • Hazrat Aisha (ra) possessed great humility and sense of purdah
  • She was well-versed in religion
  • She possessed a modest and pious character, as a wife of a prophet of Allah should acquire


To Conclude…

  •  The Jewel of Medina creates misunderstandings about Islam
  • Fictional novel written from a western perspective.





  1. GREAT WORK!!!! a post to save…

  2. thanks UTP 🙂

  3. A job well done. Thanks for the article! 🙂

  4. She(r.a) was said to be a very very wise woman whose opinion was seeked for as long as she(r.a) lived by most.

    Despite her young age, she(r.a) was wise and sensible. She(r.a) was also the one who was with Him(s.a.w) at the end of his(s.a.w) life. It is said that he(s.a.w.) died in her(r.a) presence.

  5. I have a firm belief that who so ever tried to defame the holy personalities of the Prophet(pbuh) and his family will be beaten up in hell by Allah himself – In this life and the next – Allah will punish them – dont worry about it and try to not get too emotional about people whose real intention is to make us lose our cool – lets not give in to their black mails.

  6. Hey Girl,

    An awesome post, MashaAllah.

    I remember how I was invaded by bunch of non-Muslims online on an Apostate site where they were mocking Ayesha(RA) about same issue. Though we as Muslims are asked to follow what Islam says without trying to create doubts. The science also later proved after centuries that the marriage of Muhammad(saw) and Ayesha(RA) was not unusual.

    The thing is..what is the definition of Woman’s age of marriage? The answer is puberty. In ancient age Arab women used to get pregnant at age of 70s and used to reach at puberty at earlier age. It also depend on climate. Even in US there re different age range set for each state and lowest one is 14( In some part of the world women are gettin adult at age of 9 and 10. So those who try to mock Ayesha(RA) should make an attempt to figure out what “WEST” also admit now

    p.s:I came across here from your old blog and I do remember some “Khwaab” girl used to blog and even made comments on my blog. Hehei am not sure you’re the same or not. anyways.. keep up the good work! 🙂

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