Posted by: YWB | April 6, 2009

Endless Sleepless Nights…

Its 4 in the morning and i am sitting here, yeh i am tired and sleepy but for some very odd reason i dont wana close my eyes. I am scared of nightmares.

10 more days to go !




  1. You don’t have to worry about anything. Allah knows it all, and He’s gonna pull you out of all problems. And you know it na that Allah gives punishment – severe punishment – to such people.

  2. yeh i do have faith in Allah…. and for sure he is gona punish all the ppl involved

  3. Allah will make him pay, look forward for it.

  4. Offcourse GOD knows all and HE will punish him, but its our responsibility to arange meeting b/t Him and GOD.

  5. Ugh! The nerve!!!

    Khud ko takleef na do, thinking of revenge and punishment. Leave that to Him 🙂

  6. Ofcourse I remember you.
    Hang in there kiddo. You’ll do just fine !
    and dont let other people get to you !

  7. Nice new look….
    About what u are going through,,i hope things will get better .
    Good resolution

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