Posted by: YWB | April 15, 2009



Yeh spring is here, finally.  I am actually looking forward to summer, even though its always a pain to go for shopping for summer wear.

I am planning on going to the nursery to buy some nice and colourful flowers and this time i am gona have a proper layout of how i want to plant all the flowers. Lawn grass is good, dont need to invest more money this year. Probably a bag of fertilizer is gona be enough.

I so badly want to buy a small palm tree, but it costs around $200 plus tax 😦 maybe someday. 

Do suggest if you know any nice but less expensive flowers that i should consider buying and any layout you have in your mind.

PS: there is this flower i dont know the name, its has very small white flowers and the plant is about 3 to 4 inches high more of like it spreads out on the ground. 😦 k forget it i cant even explain it. I guess i’ll have to look around in the nursery, if i am lucky i’ll find it there if not oh well i guess i’ll have to manage without it.



  1. Hey – I like the flowers in the picture. 🙂

  2. Yes…spring is almost here!
    Don’t know the names of flowers but check out my flickr. All flowers are local and not expensive I think.

  3. Asma: its cherry blossom one of ma all time fav tree…. i have it in the middle of ma lawn 🙂

    Zios: k i’ll definitely gona check that out zios

  4. What abt raat ki rani? i have planted in my lawn following someone’s advice, he told me that before maghrib it will spread cool fragrance, it has been 4 days na to uss mai koi raat ki rani ayi hai na he wo khushboo 😦

  5. hhmmm raat ki rani… well u know wat i saw this raat ki raani etni marii hovi raat ki rani ti ke i didnt feel like paying $30 for that half dead raat ki rani …. 😦 but yeh i miss the fragrance that we had in flowers in our garden in pakistna….. yahan no matter how many flowers u have in ur garden…. no fragrance at all

  6. 30$ goshhh, u know i bought that child plant in 40 Rs. khee khee

  7. child plant…. yeh well thats explains it…. let it grow and then i guess u’ll have fragrance

  8. the cheery or not so cheery blossoms are looking so awesome here in London that I feel like snapping them all :o)

    Will post pics on my flickr too .. until then enjoy spring and tell us which layout u chose and the flower collection 🙂

    aLL THE best~

  9. dun know when it’ll grow up, roz pani daal raha hoon mujhey to lag raha hai cheating hui hai, 40 rs. doob gaye 😦

  10. Asma: then go out……. go crazy wid ur camera….
    would love to see london frm ur eyes…. 😀

    Fadz aawww you got RIPPED OFFF
    40 RUPEES wow ….. tumain tu lut leya fadz kesi nay…. aab zeyada bi pani na doo…… wo bechari maar hi jahey gi

  11. آپ کو اپنے دوست بلاگومیں شامل کر دیا ہے

  12. dil baagh baagh ho gaya!

  13. i am also having the same feeling because what i do, i open the valve of motor at the time of watering the plants and water at the speed of 110 km/h ksi bhi insaan ko zameen pe ghira sakta hai, wo to phir aik nanha sa poda hai, nonetheless aik na aik din i am sure meri mehnat rung laye gi

  14. yesterday we also bought some plant,i don’t the exact name in english but we bought baby plant of ganda in Rs 20 with pot.
    I saw a red nargis plant,,that was beautiful.For fragrance buy motia rather that raat ki rani …..lush fragrance hoti hai us ki…:)
    مزہ آگیا یہ پوسٹ پڑھ کر۔۔

  15. $30 for a raat ki raani and $200 for a palm tree????? 😦 These things are so cheap over here, and so good too. Not half dead or full dead 😛

    I even bought a couple of plants for my mum on her birthday 😀 and they were so good and so inexpensive. And she loved them 😀

  16. yeah right, plants as birthday gift: sasta aur tikao.

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